We're not left. We're right... ...In the Middle

MWM Media
We grew extremely tired of biased news.

The more we went looking for non-biased news sources, the harder they were to discover. The mainstream media has tainted what it is to be a journalist or how to report only the news. They either slant it too far left or too far right, and it’s obvious they are trying to sway the public to one side or another.

We started small.

We started with prerecorded news videos where we found the stories of the day, highlighted the information, and reported on the news of the day. We waited until we finished the story to add our opinion and then ask for yours in the comments section of our channel. It soon grew to weekly live streams where we interact with the live chat and respond to your opinions live. The more conversations we had with the chat, the more people would come to watch. Now, we still report the news, but we have fun doing it.