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Freelance Services...

MWM Media provides clients with high-quality freelance writing services which include, e-books, editing, transcriptions, and even captions for videos. Experience for writing includes the following genres of e-books:

Writing Services

Rates are $1.75 per 100 words for the e-books. Rates are paid as follows: 50% up front after approval of outline and 50% upon delivery of approved finished product. Price includes research done and edits. Upon completion, writer retains the 50% deposit for services rendered if client is not satisfied.

...Made Affordable.

Have you ever needed something transcribed for a workbook, having a hard copy, or subtitles? We do that as well.

Writing Services

Rates are $15.00 per five minutes of audio transcribed. For example, a five-minute audio clip contains 1,000 words. So, you are getting a $1.50 per 100 word transcription rate.

How this Works...

1. Contact us via email, Skype, or Phone number. 2. Let us know what service your are interested in. 3. Estimate will be given. The estimate may change depending on project. 4. An invoice will be emailed to you. Half up front is needed after approval of writing projects. If the client is not satisfied with the delivered work, writer retains the initial 50% and no further fees are owed. 5. Edits are based on an hourly wage of $12.00 an hour and 8 hours is required up front for service to begin. If the project does not take eight hours, any excess prepayment will be refunded. Editor will use a software program to track time, and the client will be furnished with the screen shots of work done and time clock. Upon completion, an invoice will be sent. If the editing job lasts for a week, time will be sent to the client on Saturday, and they have until the following Monday to pay the editor. 6. We do not write essays for money nor do we complete homework.

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