Endo Diaries-11 Natural Ways to Manage Endometriosis

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Start a conversation. 

…Or how I manage it when I have money. 🙂

There are many things I tried during the years to help manage my endometriosis.  I have tried changing my diet walking, and other things through the years.  I’ve also tried curling into a ball and hoping the pain will go away. These are a few ways I have implemented that work like a charm.

  1. Yoga:
    • I mainly do stretches and warrior poses.
    • Down Dog, Side planks and Dolphin poses work great for taking the pressure off of my lower back.
    • I love Child’s Pose during the day for back pain as well.
    • Spinal Twists and other exercises for the lower back are wonderful.
    • I also incorporate poses for menstruation.
    • I go to http://www.thesecretsofyoga.com/ to see what they recommend

This usually gets me up and running and works wonders for managing my pain without having to pop pills.  I change up the routine from time to time and also use Gaiam’s Thai Chi and Qi Gong video as well.  Cardio is next.

  1. Walking
    • Power walking

This usually happens for about a mile one way.  I don’t mind it as long as I have my tunes.

  1. Juicing
    • A good shot of juice is wonderful for that boost of energy and vitamins.
    • Any juice with a combo of citrus, carrots, apples, and a few sprigs of parsley.
      • The parsley helps with gas. It works.  Trust me.  I put about for sprigs in there.

You can use all kinds of fruits and vegetable combinations.  Don’t throw away the pulp.  You can either add to compost or make crackers, like the Soap Queen did.  Click here for the recipe.  They taste wonderful!

  1. Smoothies
    • Cashews for the win on this one! I use them for protein.  Just soak them overnight and then strain the water out of them before you blend them.
    • I usually add spinach and carrots in there. I have been known to add broccoli, but not when I’m on my period.
  2. Lemon juice
    • One tablespoon of this miracle liquid saves the day when I am cramping hard.
    • It takes about a minute or less for it to start working.
  3. Reduce gas.
    • I usually skip the dairy about a week before and during my period.
    • I avoid cruciferous veggies like broccoli, collards, kale, etc.
    • Anything else that gives me gas, I write down and add to the list.
  4. Avoid inflammatory foods.
    • This is hard for me, being Cuban. I love my nightshades.
    • I also log down anything else that gives me pains and avoid those as well.
  5. Hormone Balance
    • This is a biggie.
    • Dong Quai for normal times
    • My favorite go to is Female Comfort from Nature’s Sunshine.
      • It helps to regulate my mood swings and my flow as well.
      • It works wonders on reducing pains and inflammation by balancing those hormones.
  6. I also add a multi-vitamin.
    • Since I have problems with nails and skin, I use HSN from NSP.
    • Activated Charcoal
      • This is another one that I add.
        1. It absorbs excess gas and helps to keep me detoxed.
  7. I keep track of not only my cycle, but the symptoms.
    1. Keeping a diary helps me to adjust what I need to do to keep it at bay.
    2. I go back and consult it when need be, if I think I have missed something.

What do you do?

Until next time, God Bless


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