Don’t Pull Those Weeds!

What you pull today could save you tomorrow!


Yes, that’s right, and no I haven’t gone crazy.  There are weeds in your yard that you can use to treat various ailments and also for first aid.  Keep reading to see which ones.


Leaves and Roots

(Taraxacum officiniale)

Yes, I know this little guy is everywhere in your lawn, and I get that you don’t want him there, but did you know that you can use the roots for a tea?

Helps prevent water retention…

The dried roots are a natural diuretic.  This means it can help you immensely with water retention problems.  It can prevent swollen ankles, help to treat gout by increasing urine flow, and also help during pregnancy and menstrual periods by helping to reduce swelling due to water retention.

Helps with arthritis…

You can simmer the leaves and roots in oil to make a massage oil to treat the pain and swelling of joints due to arthritis.  You can also make the parts into a powder and take it in capsules.  You can sprinkle the powder on your food, or even add the washed leaves to a mixed green salad.

It helps with liver and gallbladder problems…

It helps to remove toxins from the liver and breaks down deposits that can form gall stones.  It can also help in the treatment of hepatitis and jaundice.

It cleans the blood…

It helps to filter blood, removing the bad stuff and helping the kidneys work at peak efficiency.  It also helps to lower the bad cholesterol.

It can also be a poultice…

As a poultice, it can help to reduce blisters and treat acne.  You can add just a small amount of water to powdered Dandelion leaf for spot treatments for pimples.


Whole plant

(Stellaria media)



This ground cover is usually native to the UK, but it has been seen in the US.

Weight control…

This herb, as a tea or in capsules, will help to curve voracious appetites.  It stems hunger, but not to the point where you not eating.  It helps to regulate the mechanism in your brain that tells you when you’re full.

It cleans the blood

It helps to treat blood disorders by removing the impurities that cause the disorders.  It also helps treat cases of blood poisoning.  Taken in capsules, if helps to treat ulcers of all kinds.

It does other things as well…

Making herbal oil and mixing it into a bolus will treat and bring down the swelling of hemorrhoids.   It can also be placed in ointments for skin rashes and eczema.  It can help get rid of excess gas and help with indigestion.



(Achillea millefolium)


This little cluster flower has become a bane of many a gardener.  It is also very useful for medicinal purposes.

It’s good for circulation

Much like Chickweed and dandelion, it scrubs the blood, removing all the bad stuff.  It has been used for regulating blood pressure, nosebleeds, and internal bleeding as well.  Cleansing infections and other stuff from the blood also helps with skin disorders and rashes.

It works wonder for the lungs and sinuses

In a tea, it soothes the mucous membranes, preventing the swelling associated with sinusitis and bronchial disorders.  You can make the tea into a compress to lay across your sinuses to loosen impacted mucous.

It helps with that time of the month

Face it ladies, until we hit menopause, we are going to have that visitor that brings cramps.  Yarrow is especially benefial to those of us that have extra heavy flow and strong cramps.  It can curve the menstrual flow to manageable levels, and knock out cramps as well.

But I still want them gone.

Take these little guys to heart, and make a small patch in your yard for them, if you don’t want them all over.  Use boarders to keep them contained for the most part and just keep an eye on when the dandelion is ready to spread its seeds.  You don’t have to have them all over, but you don’t have to get of them completely either.  Give them a chance, you’ll see that they are really useful plants after all.

-Photos are stock.

-info from Today’s Herbal Health by Louise Tenney

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