She’s on Youtube, but she’s a writer. Wait. What?

youtube channel banner

Yes, I have a Youtube channel, and yes, I do write. So, what am I going to put on this channel?


    I am going to show you how to use things like Evernote, Gyazo, and other apps to help you improve your writing. I am also going to show you new features on Social media sites, how to use multi-platform desktops like Hootsuite and Buffer. I am going to walk you through services to help you better get the word our about your service or product.

    Just be me

    I am going to have days where I am just feeling goofy, have opinions, and even want to get you involved in what I am doing. There will be videos on that as well. I



    I will be reviewing books, and putting those reviews here. This means that they will either be paper or Kindle. If they are on Kindle, I will walk you through some of the content. I can be very critical.

    Silly stuff

    I will also be posting videos on silly stuff I find on the internet. This can be weird products, off-the-wall stuff people say, or just stuff I find funny.


    There will be other stuff as well. You never with someone like me. So, I hope you enjoy the channel and visit it often.


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