Now is not the time… Can we just mourn first?


My heart is with Grimmie’s family who are burying their child. No parent should outlive their children. It is a tragedy so deep and a hurt so profound it’s hard to come back from and lead a semblance of a normal life. The person who killed her, killed himself. That’s two sets of parents that are burying their children. That’s two mothers and two fathers that have outlived their children. My heart goes out to them. If I could be there to comfort them, I would, without hesitation.

Orlando, I have no words. I don’t know where to begin, but I will try my best to put it to words.

We need to take a step back…

…from political correctness, pussy footing around, and look at the tragedy for what it is at its core. It’s not a random shooting. It’s not someone snapping and loosing bullets into a random crowd and shooting whomever. It’s a hate crime, plain and simple. He declared his allegiance, scouted out locations, and enacted his plan out of hate. It’s time to show our support for our fellow Americans and do what we can from where we are to show our fellow countrymen we are here for them. We need to stand united, not divided in this time of tragedy.



What we don’t need to do…

We don’t need to compare it to other moments in history.

We don’t need to diminish what is raw and just happened by reminding the population that worse atrocities happened before we were even born. Each tragedy throughout history has carried its own cross, and bled for the population who were around in that moment. Each tragedy has left a scar. We don’t need to rehash. It just drives a knife deeper into the survivors’ and family members that have to bury their loved ones. Please, just don’t.

We don’t need to make this into a gun control issue.

Again, you’re pandering to political agenda and taking away the scope of the pain people have to endure by arguing over who should and should not have guns. This is not the time. This is not the incident. There should be no posturing, and yet, there are politicians that refuse to let the families mourn in peace, and instead turn it into another platform for their agenda. It’s not a platform. Columbine was not a platform! Sandy Hook was not a platform! They were people shot and killed. PEOPLE, not pieces of wood strapped together to hold a podium so you can convince people you are right.

We don’t need to make this another immigration issue.

No, just no, we don’t need to to this. We need to look at it for what it is, an unfathomable act of hate upon people who just wanted to live their lives. That’s it. That’s all it was.

It was not an act of God.

Knock it off. Stop it. You’re sounding like Westboro, and do you really want to be lumped in with them? I didn’t think so.

But he claimed ISIS.

Let’s not. Yes, he did, but it still makes it a hate crime. Again, you are pandering to political agendas. Are you going to run and slap every Muslim you see because they didn’t donate blood? Are you going to run up to every Muslim you see and  yell at them to leave? Are you? Hmmmmm? Are you going to blame an entire religion for the actions of one man? Think. Just think. If you can, so can they. As you point to the ISIS members and other radical Muslims and say that represents the whole, they can point to Westboro Baptist Church and say it represents all Christians.


Whether it was Grimmie or Orlando, we need to take a serious step back and realize how tragic this is for those left behind. We need to show that we hear them and are here for them. They need prayers and comfort. They have mine. Do they have yours?

The Mad Woman

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