What is going on? I mean really, people…

Yeah, it’s another ranting post, sorry.

crazy-townFrom being offended about everything to some cops losing their minds, I just don’t recognize my country anymore. I just don’t. I am finding it hard to process. Let me explain.

First, I am not naïve. I know in every bunch of up-standing law enforcement groups, there are those who are rotten to the core. Those who are on the take, short tempered, and looking for any reason to put bullet holes, curb stomp, and just out-right kill anyone they come across and make it look like they were justified. I get it.

If you are dead set on it being a race thing, don’t read any further. I think I will trigger a LOT of people.

Alton Sterling

I am not going into the details of this atrocity. It’s just that. Yes, he had a record and was a sex offender, but six to seven shots? Really? Let’s see if this was a race thing, shall we?

According to wwltv.com, only 30% of the Police force in Baton Rouge is black. This means there was only a 30% percent chance black officers would be dispatched to the incident called in to them. The odds were white officers would be more likely to show up. The percentage of black people in the city is 58%. Odds are that white officers would be called to black altercations. Since 911 can’t ask the color of the perpetrator due to racial reasons, they can’t logically dispatch black officers to black crimes.

Do I think what happened was right?

Not by a long shot. He was subdued and later it’s shown that he wasn’t armed. This is an egregious and unforgivable action. It is under investigation, and I hope that same Justice Department that let Teflon Clinton off the hook will see this for what is and punish the officers.

Update, he was armed and they used tasers, but they were not effective. He was going for his gun when they shot him. I personally think one shot would have been enough. More than that was overkill. (Source:CNN)

Philando Castile

This was a tragedy born of a hair trigger and fear. The Governor of MN says it was racially charged. It’s hard to say. I know many of you will argue, but if you watch the whole video, the officer is clearly panicked when he realized he just killed man. He is genuinely panicked. You can hear it. Does this excuse him? No, but we shall see what happens.

Update, they are still investigating this. Source: kstp.com


It seems the court of popular opinion has decided all cops are evil and need to be extinguished. The article is here. Again, you can’t see this as anything but racially motivated. Five dead and seven wounded in a state where none of the two incidents took place. *shakes head* These knee-jerk reactions have got to stop. This is out of hand.

What needs to be done

Well, *scratches head* I can only suggest things.

  1. Stricter psychiatric and periodic psychiatric screenings for all law enforcement personnel.
    • If they don’t pass the screenings upon trying to enter the force, they don’t get in, period. If they are mentally unstable or show signs of bigotry, they should not be in law enforcement.
    • If they don’t pass the periodic screenings, they are on suspension until they receive proper counseling and treatment. If they still don’t pass, they need to be discharged from the force.
  2. More stringent training.
    1. I believe they should be put through more rigorous training, training akin to military training with an emphasis on being calm under fire.
    2. They should be put in different training scenarios until it becomes evident they are ready for live drills.

I would add dispatch only black officers to black incidents. but many police precincts across the country are predominately white, and not many more black people are willing to be officers to off-set this.  Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to finish my coffee and try to process the crazy.

Until next time,

The Mad Woman

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