At a Crossroads…

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It has come to my attention that, like my Herb Chick Facebook, my Facebook page for this blog is having the same issue. It’s not getting the interaction I need it to unless I post it in a group that places priorities on interactions on pages, and though these groups are not bad for interactions and getting your page seen, it’s just not happening. This is disconcerting. How long will it take until Buffer can’t post on there either because of the lack of participation? I am beginning to believe that Facebook is slowly killing any pages I have.

Then there is Masie, my passion and project for illiteracy, floundering and flopping like a fish out of water. I do so want this project to succeed, but it’s not going any where. It’s just sitting on my blog waiting for love and votes. *sigh*

Now, I know I have been sick, and that tends to affect the interaction, but before I got sick, I had the problem, and I was posting regularly. So, what does this mean for my Facebook page and Masie?


The Facebook page

takeoverI had high hopes for this page. I envisioned hundreds of followers and all of them commenting, liking, and sharing. This was my second fan page, and I was determined to build it correctly. I read all the expert advice, joined groups that had meaningful shares and not just like ladders, and happily posted my links to my blog, cool stuff I found on the internet, and funny memes. I responded to those who commented, and even pinned Masie to the top of the page, making her story a featured note, but to no avail. The page is dying, and I have no clue what to do next with it.


If nothing happens to the page this week, it may just go the way of the Dodo. It will be a sad parting, but when Facebook is forcing you to pay for exposure, and I am barely making enough money to feed my husband and myself, I just can’t do it. I can’t. Maybe in the future when I have things up and running on Smashwords, and I am selling my books, but I can’t pay for exposure. It would mean no lunches or no gas for the car.







Ah, Masie, what to do with you, my loveable child and crusader against illiteracy, I have no clue. No one comments. No one votes. No one does anything, not here, and not on the Facebook page. It hurts my heart to shelve a cause. It really does.


Don’t get me wrong. This spunky and excitable little girl got off to a great start. She got complements on descriptions, and some even said it reminded them of Nancy Drew, but comments and votes on FB waned, and so did poor Masie. She’s here on the blog now, gathering dust like an old tome in a forgotten part of a library. *sniff*


I may have to shelve her for now, at least until I get a bigger following. I really have to work on that.






Don’t fret!

There will be other ways to keep in touch with me. I am not gone forever. Who knows? Facebook may liven up. If it does, I will reopen the page.

I have everything from spoken word to informative videos and response videos. I am also reading chapters of Masie on here. I am hoping I can get her jumpstarted on there. We will see.


Yep, I am on here. This lets me posts to Twitter and Facebook. I post all sort of things, updates on my blog here, little quips, quotes, and random thoughts. When I get my stuff going really well, I will have giveaways here. We shall see. Smile







I tweet all sort of stuff, random thoughts and cool stuff I find on the internet, mostly. I will post announcements on upcoming videos, too. Come have a conversation with me.










Trying to get anything started without loans is a pain in the rump, and writing and putting out video and blog content is no different. Every little bit helps, and you get exclusive perks and stuff for contributing. More on that later.









That about it. I am on Google+, too, but it’s not that active. Working on it, though. *winks*

I am down, but far from out.

The Mad Woman

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