Before you repeat it, check those facts!

question everything

When did critical thinking go the way of dinosaur? What happened to questioning what they are told? When did we become a society of people who gladly assimilate any information fed to us by the media? When did we start believing what mass media is reporting and take it as gospel? I was taught to look up facts and corroborate evidence to make sure we aren’t being fed a load of bull. I was taught to question everything. Yes,  I even question authority. I have challenged my parents and asked them why they could do some things while I was sent to my room for doing the same thing.

I never blindly followed anything or anyone. It’s not right, and it’s not healthy, in my opinion. I’ve always and still have my own viewpoints, and oddly enough, yes oddly enough, I don’t get angry and name-call when someone doesn’t agree with me. Funny, isn’t it? Now, that you have a good idea of the rabbit hole we’re jumping into, are you ready?

Following blindly

I am talking about all those who read things on Reddit, Tumblr, and other platforms that assimilate the information they see on those platforms, and magically become that thing, believe in that movement, and even repeat to all who listen, and lot who don’t want to listen, the swill and misinformation they just read or saw on a video. This is what I consider following blindly. You can’t regurgitate what you see, hear, and listen, without checking your facts.

Then they pass it along without citations or hard facts. They base their ideals on feelings and not facts. This just makes their movement a bit dangerous. What’s worse; they refuse to listen to those who present facts contrary to what they are spreading. They either ignore opposing views or lash out against the person who opposes them by trolling, and lobbing insults.

UGH Politics…

You can cite Black Lives Matter, Feminism, and other such movements, but there is nothing in this country more divisive than politics. Everyone defends the candidates they are going to vote for, and they do nothing but insult the opposing candidate and find all the dirt they can on said candidate. To be active in the political area, you are subjecting yourself to even more people who spew and regurgitate what they see in memes, partisan sites, and television channels. Their candidate can walk on water, but the other candidate is the anti-Christ. They vote to make history and not for what is best for the country. All politicians are corrupt. They are all in some corporation’s or other country’s pocket. All politicians are out for themselves. It’s not an easy pill to swallow, but there it is.

Crusading for those who don’t want it…

Yes, I am talking about the hands-off-their-culture, I-need-a-safe-space, use-my-pronouns-or-you’re-racist, people, the Social Justice Warriors. These are people who cry about cultural appropriation, who run from opposing views, and who inundate anyone who disagrees with them with insults and cyber-bullying. Most of the technology today is from different races and cultures. Most of the recipes we enjoy are from other cultures. If you are so intent on not using things from other cultures, put down the hamburger and don’t order another pizza for delivery. Why? Hamburgers were created in Germany, and pizza is Italian. Oh, wait, don’t patronize Taco Bell either. I can go on, but I am leaving it there.

When you claim to be something you are not for attention, you are belittling the people who are enduring that struggle. I am talking about the trans-trenders. It has been medically proven transgender people are transgender neurologically from the womb. Gender Dyphoria is a diagnosable psychological disorder. Being trans isn’t feeling dragon-kin one day and demi-boy (what-ever that is) the next. You are belittling the actual transgender people, and I may be corrected here (That’s fine.), but true trans-people don’t flip their shit when they are mis-gendered and they certainly don’t start a conversation by announcing they are transgender. They don’t insist you call them by made-up pronouns. They just want to live their lives peacefully and be who they psychologically feel they need to be.


We are living in a society (Paranoia ahead? Maybe.) that is heading toward an Orwellian, Fahrenheit 451-type society. We are rushing toward laws that regulate thought, crush individualism, and quell critical thinking. With safe spaces and common core, we are indoctrinating the next generations that they have nothing to bring to the life stage that is unique. They are being told not to question anything. They are constantly being fed ideals that are conformist, and that, my friends, is scary.

Until next time, keep the tin foil hat on and question everything.

The Mad Woman

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