Of Quiet Reflection, Family, Cancer and Where the YT channel is going.


I know the last time I did one of these, I was considering closing my Facebook page. Now, I mention my YouTube Channel, and you’re probably thinking I am considering stopping my video making. I am not. It’s not going anywhere. I am going to take it in a slightly different direction.

I am going to talk about my family and some other things. I guess it’s a bit of an update and rambling post. Here it goes.

My YouTube Video

It has been apparent to me critical thinking is rapidly going the way of the Dodo bird and dinosaur. My YouTube channel will have content going deeper into feminism, rape culture, and other subjects I believe need to be addressed in a level-headed manner with facts to back it up. I know it’s debating, but I want to present a view that is different from what’s being spread all over the internet. I know I am just adding to the choir already on YouTube, but I have a lot to say, I hope you will enjoy the content. I will also have response videos that are trolling, but still have information refuting what is in the original video.

I am making a new view with my husband. This is a new thing, but he is having fun with it. I think it will be a regular thing.


My Sister-in-Law has Cancer

She is stage four and only recently has been approved for Medicaid so she can get a test she desperately deserves. They don’t know the origin of the cancer they are treating her for, and this has lead to them shooting blind, in my opinion. She has been having a hard time keeping food down and is weak as a kitten. Her mother and I have been doing round-the-clock care with me taking the might shift so her mother can get some rest. This may mean my posts may not be regular, but I will try to keep making content, either here or on YouTube.

My writing

My ghostwriting is gaining steam again. This means I am getting into the groove of getting paid regularly. I am also still looking for someone who can make cover art for this broke and struggling writer. I have a book ready for selling, but it has no cover art for it, and therefore, it is gathering virtual dust. I am also formatting what I have written on my herbal book to make sure it looks okay on Kindle. I am still editing and adding to my fiction book. As  you can see, I have a lot going on, but that’s normal for me.


Once again, I find myself taking a step back and making time for everything on my plate so I don’t feel overwhelmed. I will get there. It may take a bit. I have to weigh everything and make a schedule to fit it into my new vampire-like lifestyle.


Until next time, my friends,

Question everything and believe nothing.

The Mad Woman

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