When did we step into the looking glass?

Or how can people say Fidel Castro was a humanitarian?

Truthfully, I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. I know that sounds ludicrous, but he’s evil has endured for decades and continues to live through his brother, whom everyone thinks is going to change. You won’t see a picture of THAT man or his brother on my blog, ever. He is the symbol of an oppressive regime and his brother is no different. I am glad he is dead. There I said it, but there is still trepidation in my heart, and it’s for my relatives and countless others that are still under the regime through his brother Raul.

Though Cuban immigrants will say it wasn’t a cake walk under Batista, they will say it was worse under Castro. Everything was taken from them, everything, their wealth, status, and any businesses they had. All of it was stripped from them when Castro supplanted Batista.

“But he asked the U.S. first…”

Yes, he did, and we didn’t offer help to a dictatorship, and he was unwilling to give up the power he forcefully obtained. He would not compromise. He wanted things his way, and because of this, the door to what was the USSR, at the time,  was opened, and Russia leapt at the chance they would have a communist country just ninety miles south of Key West. Who wouldn’t?

And so, he rewrote history…

All of my relatives told of how he burned the history books and had them regime-approved material in them. They told of how they watched their history be rewritten, and they were powerless to resist, lest they would be shot in front of a firing squad. My friends here say I am over-reacting when I see people protest against historical monuments from the Civil War Era. I see history slowly repeating itself, but I am told I am over-reacting. I respectfully disagree.

The educational system, in Cuba, serves to condition the youth to live in the glory of a failed regime which continues to abuse and neglect its citizens.

“He instituted Health Care for all citizens.”


Why yes he did, and the brave soul that snuck this video illustrates how well that system works.

“But, I’ve watched videos of Cuban Nationals reacting to his death, and they seem sad.”

What you don’t see is the script and the possible police behind the camera waiting for them to speak an ill word against Fidel. Yes, it happens. They are given scripts and told what to say. If they vary from the script, they run the risk of never being heard from again. You may call this fear mongering, but you have never lived in a country where you didn’t have the freedom to talk about your leader any way you choose. May parents were there. My uncles and aunts were there, as were my grandparents. Any attempt to speak ill of Castro meant jail, or the firing squad, or both.

I’ve the  reactions of other leaders and some make me sick.

I expected socialists and communists would praise him. This was not a surprise, but when I see Western World LEADERS praise him, I get sick to my stomach. These are leaders who believed the propaganda that poured out of Cuba. These are LEADERS who bought the lies and thought he was the next best thing since sliced bread. This is just sad.

I don’t usually cite CNN, but I will put this here:



Final words

Time goes on, but for Cuba and its people, it is uncertain. Many of my relatives say Raul, his brother, is far worse. I will continue to pray for the Cubans who will have endure the regime, and hope that some day they will be truly free from oppression, a corrupt regime, and the Castro family forever. It is time we pulled back the veil of lies that is the propaganda machine as see the regime for what it is, a deplorable one that tramples on freedoms all people should have.


Until next time, question everything.

The Mad Woman

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