Dear 2017, can we talk?



Before you take the reigns, let me inform you of what 2016 did to us in hopes you can avoid some of it. Your predecessor has been witness to, and accused of many things, and has even been cited as a reason for much of the reprehensible behavior that was displayed. I just want to have a little chat with you so that you know what to avoid.



2016 Took our laughter…

The year 2016 took our laughter. It took our on-screen talent. It took many of the actors I grew up watching and loving. It took Gene Wilder, Alan Rickman, Ron Glass, and the new Chekov. It took people I enjoyed watching. There will never be another Snape, Shepard Book, or Young Frankenstein. Oh, I am sure someone will foolishly think they can reboot any one of those three, but they will never be the same. Wilder was Wonka. He embraced Young Frankenstien. Rickman was Snape. He made you love and hate the wizard. I am old enough to remember Ron in Barney Miller, but he made me love him even more as Shepard Book, and no one can replace him or even try. Ramon and The Brady Bunch lost their mothers, and I remember Zsa Zsa on The Love Boat and Facts of Life. Robert Vaughn will forever be my U.N.C.L.E.


Purple Rain was the first album I ever played until my parents got annoyed. Now, I will stand in the Purple Rain so it will hide my tears. George Michael was one of the people I had a poster of on my walls growing up. I didn’t miss a video nor a chance to sing with him on the radio. Yes, I cried when burned his leather jacket, and a little piece of me mourned when I found out he was gay, but that didn’t stop me from loving his music. B.B. King was also taken in 2016, a legend that will forever live in the hearts of those who love the blues. The thrill will not be the same without him. At least I have his music to carry me through tough times. I will never forget David Bowie. His music, style, and smile will love on in my heart. That must be a glorious concert in heaven. I bet the angels are having a blast.


Now, I know, 2017, people don’t live forever, but my request to you is, please don’t take so many. The year 2016 took close to ninety, and that’s a bit much.





We need tolerance in 2017.

I am not talking about ending fictional ideologies. I am talking about getting rid of the hate this new generation has brought to the forefront. We were doing it, 2017. We were fulfilling Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, but now it seems, due to closed mindedness, and an ever-changing regressive way of thinking, we’re going backwards, and I don’t like where we are headed. If you could turn it around to where we will be back on track again, I would love that, thanks.

We need to go back to critical thinking.

It’s seems to be on the endangered list, with only a few of us really practicing it. “Listen and Believe” is a scary thing, and we really don’t need it. If you could find a way to steer us back to reason and open dialogue, that would be great.

In closing, 2017, sit down with 2016 and take notes on what not to do when it’s your turn. I want you to be the best year ever, because, if it gets any worse, we’re all in trouble.

Yours in reason,

The Mad Woman

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