MTV has Taken it too Far…

A call for violence? Really?

This is MTV’s answer to Trump. Really listen to the words. Let them sink in. Don’t look at the pictures or video clips, not at first. Just let it play and listen to the words. Listen to the connotation. Listen to the context. This is s script written to elicit violence. Don’t believe me? Are you ready to argue with me about that? Close your eyes, and listen to it again. Don’t watch it. LISTEN. You will hear the words. You will get the meaning.

Now, open your eyes and watch it. You will see a stark difference between the words and the clips and pictures, and if you’re paying close enough attention, it will annoy you. Why? They are using peaceful movements and protests and telling you to do “Anything necessary” to get your message across. Let’s break it down and expose the bull, shall we?

“You are not the first to walk this shadowed path named America.”

Already, the video is painting our country as something dark and foreboding. When you look at the opening scene, it’s a protest filled with young people holding signs of protest and hate. Then it cuts to another. It cuts to Native American protesters and then to black people marching as they say:

“This road was not paved by presidents, though they stand as markers for distance gained and hazards along the way.”

Now, I am not discounting The Trail of Tears, the living conditions on reservations or the historical inequality that was fought for, but I digress.

“These cobblestones were laid by the hands of dreaming slaves, and hammered in place by feet marching for Selma.”

Here we go from a picture of plantation slaves, harkening to slavery, but not the Underground Railroad. The March to Selma was a peaceful protest march led by Martin Luther King, Jr. Who believed that peaceful discourse and peaceful protests would further a cause more successfully than riots, violence, and starting skirmishes.

“Not long, how long, because of the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

A powerful quote, but one which was taken out of context. The whole speech is here. A speech that was uttered on the capital steps of Montgomery, Alabama. It is a speech that sends chills down the spine. They stood, and stayed on those steps without riot, fights, or any violence at all.

“With Suffragettes starving for the right to vote…”

Before the first World War, there were ladies who marched for the right to vote. They believed they needed a voice in the polls. This is where the video turns. This happened in Britain. So, they are turning away from the United States and appealing to the United Kingdom. This was a movement that turned from peace to violence. It achieved limited suffrage for women. Six of the women can be read about here.

“…And queer people at Stonewall rioting and building barricades. Our way was made.”

Stonewall was born of anti-homosexual sentiment and culminated in a riot when NY Police tried to shut down a gay bar for not having a legal alcohol license. This happened in the 60’s when homosexuality was though of as being a mental disorder and not something biological. You see how this video has turned? It is now showing violence.

“Not for those who stand still, staring at their feet, begging for light to draw near, but by those who stepped forward and fought for us to see the way more clearly.”

And now, they show the women’s rights movement in the US and the march for equality for colored people, both peaceful marches, but that is not what is inflected in the voice-over.

“And in the face of so much injustice, we are a resilient people. We are a fierce people.”

Creating Change is an organization which advocates for equality for the LGBT community. They are a peaceful group, which GLAAD endorses. For more about the conference, I could only find an old link here. They hold workshops, classes and support one another. The speaker was at the conference.

“They stand with their backs to the light from our collective freedom, but we must move around and over and through them, as those who have paved the way did before time and again.”

They show peaceful marches and protests as their context pushes passively for a violent way to achieve their ends.

“So clear the path, however you are able.”

So  reminiscent of this statement:


Who, by the way got assassinated by his OWN Muslim Brotherhood, while MLK Jr was silenced by those who didn’t not want equality.








“Help those who stumble and stand in the way of those who would stop us for fear of being left in the dark in turn.”

Those, who stumble, I wonder if they are referring to those of us who do not buy into the propaganda and lies of the regressive left.

“Do not let their fear, of another’s liberation become your own.”

This was partially captioned in the video around the 1:30 mark. They left out “Of another’s liberation” in the lettering.  You see how they are using selective attention to manipulate the message?

“We must keep moving forward.”

This is in ALL CAPS for emphasis. Doing this engrains the words in a person’s mind, and they tend to remember it longer.

“We are not the first to walk this shadowed path.”

They are repeating this to drive their message home. It’s an old propaganda, hypnosis, and indoctrination tactic. It is meant to burrow into your subconscious and take root there.

“But together we can be a beacon, showing others the way.”




They show multitudes of people protesting. Did you catch the woman in the burka at 1:46?

The very symbol of oppression is touted as a symbol of freedom. Let that sink in for a moment.










It further shows people protesting, peacefully, and some about illegal immigrants, but do not think I am the only one that speaks out about this video. There are many of us, and we got together to make this:

We are many, and we have a voice.

Until next time, keep your eyes open, your ear to the ground, and don’t believe what the media is telling you.
The Mad Woman

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