Daddy O 5 and the Alleged Abuse


For those of you wondering where I have been, I am currently organizing and gathering information to help one of the biological parents to get two of the children out of the home. I have been trying to keep everything straight and seeing this through to the end. So, for those of you not aware of the parents who allegedly abuse their children, I will start from the beginning and include videos and articles thus far. Hang in there. It’s a long and arduous tale.

Last week a video, that has now been made private shows Cody’s parents (the child in the picture above) put invisible ink on Cody’s floor and proceeded to yell at him, blaming him for doing it. They were screaming and cursing at him, and he could do was panic, look in terror, and repeat it wasn’t him. The look of horror on his face was palatable, and so the video spread, but not because people enjoy it. People were horrified that parents would do that to their child. People began to take notice of the YouTube channel and dig deeper into the video library and found it got worse from there.  They have since listed all their videos as private and only list the apology video that was coached by a PR firm.

We have been amassing information, and one person has made an in-depth post on the timeline of events, and you can find that here. As information is verified, and is not too sensitive to the case, it will be updated on my YouTube channel, and also new videos will be on the sidebar here on my blog.

You can help Rose with legal fees by contributing to her GoFundMe, and you can show your support by signing a petition or a care2 petition.

If you can have questions, you can contact me via email or Twitter Direct Messaging.

I implore you not to contact Michael or Heather to harass or seek to harm them. We need to proceed with caution as there are innocent children in the situation.

Thank you,

Anissa “The Mad Woman” Rodriguez

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