DaddyO5 Update: Emma and Cody are with Rose!


It’s happened! It’s finally happened! *takes deep breath” Okay, now that I have calmed myself somewhat, even though I am jumping for joy inside, here is what has happened.


On April 28, 2017, while Heather and Mike were on Good Morning America trying to paint themselves as a wholesome family, an emergency recovery order was placed for Cody and Emma. Rose, with the aid of the police in Frederick County, were able to get Cody and Emma out of the Martin home and back with their mom, Rose. Cody and Emma are getting the counseling they need to get back to being happy and healthy children once again. They are all in family counseling.

In order to help the healing process with Cody and Emma, Rose is temporarily residing in Frederick County until the counselors let her know it is fine to go back to North Carolina with her children.  Cody and Emma got to see their grandmother as well. Rose reports she’s already seeing them smile, and Emma is bouncing back to her bubbly cheese-eating self.

This is just the beginning. We know the real fight begins to keep her children and prevent them from returning to Heather and Michael. She still needs financial help to keep this going, and you can click here to contribute to the GoFundMe. The fund has $4,615 out of the $50,000 goal. As custody battles can be long and expensive, she will need all the help she can get financially to keep up the fight.

What about Jake, Alex, and Ryan?

Well, as of this blog post, Rickie Zopp, Firefighter Dad, has taken Heather to court to fight for custody of the three boys. When I get more information on that, there will be another update.

Are there any charges pending for Heather and Michael Martin?

None have been publicly announced. When they become available, I will announce it in either a video or on a blog post.

The Happy Mad Woman

P.S. As this is NOT over yet, please do not harass Heather or Michael in any way. I do not condone the harassment of anyone, ESPECIALLY in a delicate case like this one.

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7 replies

  1. I’m so VERY HAPPY for Rose, Cody and Emma!!! Great job to everyone that worked on this!!

  2. I’m so very pleased that Cody and Emma are with their Mom, Rose! God has answered everyone’s Prayers that was praying for these children! God Bless

  3. Oh lord, thank everybody who has helped make this a reality

  4. Unfortunately, it’s false that Ricky zopp is filing for custody of Jake, Ryan and Alex. Who ever is your source had incorrect information on that part. I am a close family membe of Ricky so I would know.

  5. How are the parents not in jail ? People have been jailed for so much less than this..and this is documented!

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