Update on Ryan, Alex, and Jake’s Custody


There has been a development to the custody adjustment in the Jake, Alex, and Ryan’s Case. It has been vacated. There are no further details, but a lot of speculation I will not go into here.  My reasons are below.




Speculation Leads to Rumors

As I have done from the onset of the live stream where I spoke with Rose, I will NOT release information without verifying it first. Doing that will add to the rumor mill, and those children don’t need that.

I will apologize if I am wrong

If for some reason I release information that is later proven to be false or inaccurate, I will retract it and apologize for that. I believe in being open and honest, and in this situation, it’s warranted. This is one of those cases. I had previously tweeted that the father was in court this morning to fight for his sons. I was wrong.


There are far too many people to name who have stepped forward to help the children, and the credit cannot, and SHOULD not go any ONE person. It took a lot of small voices to call attention to and keep attention on this until the situation is resolved.

We won’t stop…

I mean the smaller voices behind the scenes. We will not stop until those children, ALL THE CHILDREN, are safe and away from the abusive environment.

The Mad Woman

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