Channel and Blog Update… What now?


Now that the DaddyO5 situation has calmed down a bit, and I cannot find enough information to warrant an update video or blog, I think it’s time to go back to what I was doing before with my little channel, with a couple of changes…


don__t_panic_by_vigilantmeadowThere will still be DaddyO5 Updates…

Just not as regularly as I was posting them. As the information is verified and becomes available, I will release a video on it. I will still pass around the GoFundMe hat as Rose is still going to need a lot of support getting back to a normal life, which is now up to $7,145 out of its $50,000 goal.

Again, I implore anyone reading this not to try to contact her lawyer, Rose or the children. They need time to adjust, settle down, and get into a routine, and they can’t do that when they are being constantly badgered by people, whether it be the press, freelancers like me and Nick, or even YouTubers, who shall remain nameless to avoid any drama coming my way.

What’s the regular schedule?

Monday: Either a rant, a reading from a blog, or an update of some kind. Generally me musing about something.

Tuesday: I read my own written works. The ongoing series is actually one that will need audience participation soon with all the proceeds of the finished work going to a charity to help fight illiteracy.

Wednesday: This is usually a day for response videos. I will respond to articles and videos that have tweaked a nerve.

Thursday: Writer’s Workshop. This is a video series on writing mechanics, story telling, and how to do both well in a story.

Friday: Free for all. I will either respond to a video, do a live stream of me doing a craft or BSing, or upload a video of a project that I have done.

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday: Live stream Table-top RPG with friends.

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday: Either a Weekend Brew discussing the past two week’s insanity or a Roundtable discussion on writing. I am even thinking of doing a book club stream.

Monday-Friday AM: The Morning Brew, this is a morning news show we will do live that features news off the wire from around the world and some funny stuff as well as shouting out other creators who we think are cool.

I do need your support.

Yes, this is the shilling section, and I hate it, but if you want to see me and my videos improve, I have a Patreon link on the left side of the blog for monthly donations and a Paypal link for tipping. If you hover over the “About” me tab, you can also hire me as a freelance writer or transcriber.

Until next time, my fellows, be well

The Mad Woman

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