Oh, the Drama… So not me…This is why…


Admittedly, I will lose subs on my YouTube channel for this, but that means they never liked my original content anyway, and if it means I never reach the magical number of 1,000 to unlock superchat, so be it. If I can’t get there without having drama on my channel, then I will forever be a small channel, and I am fine with that.

Growing up, I was witness to a lot of family drama, and when I say that, I am talking about the problems my mom had, and still has, with her siblings. I got caught up in drama in school which almost got me suspended. I decided to keep to myself and not worry about other people’s problems.

Does this mean I keep my mouth shut?

No, not at all, and it gets me in trouble.  I am blunt. I am truthful, and if it hurts feelings, then it hurts feelings. After I have said my peace, my conscience is clear. There is only one exception to this rule. My wording can be crude and cut like a chainsaw when a fine scalpel is needed. I stick my foot in my mouth, and this tends to happen when I am passionate about something and think it’s about to go the way of the Dodo.

Do I label and call names?

Unfortunately, that happens more than I would like. One time is too many, but when my temper flares, my filter disappears and what comes out of my mouth, by the more sensitive of those receiving my tirade, becomes weaponized. I regret it later after I have calmed down and had time to think back on how I said something. Having been the victim of bullying my entire time in school, all 12 years, I feel like shit when I realize what I have done.

You can’t take it back…

You can’t take it back once it has been said, and I never do; however, I will apologize for the harshness of the delivery and apologize for my actions. I will explain myself if given the chance. I will then avoid any further problems by not responding to the person I have offended. That, in itself, can be difficult when you constantly see them going after others when making peace should be the main issue.

Drama solves nothing.

It never has. It never will. It divides, forces people to choose sides where there shouldn’t be any, and cause a firestorm where there shouldn’t be one. It’s a waist of time, energy, and can be pointless. This is why I will avoid drama and stay in my corner of the internet to the best of my ability. I will not respond to any written or visual prodding via videos. I will just make my content, remove myself from the drama, and continue writing my articles, working on my freelance writing projects, and market my jewelry. That’s it. However, if you continue to come after me to the point where my friends are saying something to me about it, and I have something I can use against you, I will. After that, you won’t hear from me again.

In conclusion…

If you came to my channel for drama, and if you subbed to my blog to read about gossip and drama, you will be disappointed. Sorry, you won’t find it here.

The Mad Woman

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