In Light of Tragedy… Keep Your Head…


In light of the Manchester suicide bombing and the invasion in the Philippines, the temptation to speak out and report EVERY bit of information that hits the internet is great, but this is when we need to take our time and be skeptical the most. Why?

There is false information out there.

Yes, even in the tragedy of 22 dead and even more wounded, we must sift through the information coming out of Manchester to be sure it is correct, accurate, and helpful to those who are scrambling to know what is happening. We can’t cling on to the first source spouting information and take it as truth. At a time when ISIS is hefting flags in places in Marawi City in the Philippines, we need to take a closer look at all the information coming out of that country.

Check the facts.

It is times like these we must be willing, not only to read what is coming out MSM and other sources, but to correlate, corroborate, and VERIFY the data. There are lives that have been lost, and lives that are missing, and any misstep with information can cause undo harm and distress to those whose loved ones are still missing and those who are fleeing from the terror in Marawi City.

Slow Down

As I said the temptation is great, but we must, MUST, take the time to make sure the information WE release is accurate. We must make sure the facts we find can be followed-up and proven to be true and not exaggerations and false claims.


We are not reporters. We are not journalists. We are private citizens on a public platform, and we have something else:

People who hang on our every word.

That’s right. Whether it’s a blog like this one, Twitter, Facebook, Vidme, or YouTube, we have people from ALL OVER THE WORLD who read our post/articles and listen/watch our videos. This must guide our words, actions, and intentions when passing along news. We can’t work on knee-jerk reporting. We can’t. It’s not an option.

Until next time, to my friends abroad in the Philippines and Manchester, be safe and my thoughts and prayers go out to you. I wish I could do more, but words and prayers are all I have.

The Mad Woman

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