London, Terrorists, and the Reluctance of the Left


Over the past week, London has seen many deaths and added to their wounded with three terrorist attacks. They weren’t done picking up the pieces from the Ariana Grande concert before two more attacks came at them like semi-automatic rounds from a pistol. There are several things that bother me about the attacks, and though one is the usual, the other may cause screeching. You have been warned.

The needless death

Many people lost their lives to senseless and rampant violence. Whether it was a bomb, a vehicle, or a knife, many lives were cut short abruptly, leaving many relatives and friends shocked, stunned, and searching for loved ones hoping their friend, significant other, or child was not one of the deceased. There are no words for the tragedies that struck London. We do know one thing. The people in England are resilient, and they will “Carry On”, and they will do this not because they are trying to get used to the terror or losing loved ones. They will do this to show they are not afraid to live their lives as normal, or with some normalcy, because not leaving their homes for fear of the next attack will mean the Islamic Terrorists have won, and yes, I used the correct term for the perpetrators.

The lack of courage

This does not come from the people of London or England as a whole, but the government and the Mainstream media to call a spade for what it is, a spade. The more you turn a blind eye to the motivations of the terrorists staging and carrying out these attacks, the more emboldened they will become, the more frequent the attacks will occur. If you want me to provide proof or name three countries:

1. England
2. France
3. Sweden


Yes, I will acknowledge there are Muslim reformists trying to desperately to change the violent aspects of Islam, and they will be the first to argue with the apologists, but their voices are few and they are drowned out all too easily. Governments all over the world, not only London, must own up and admit what they are coming under attack from, Islam, and they must stop apologizing for the zealots of that faith who continue to kill citizens simply for not believing as they do, and yes, that is why they kill, simply because we are the infidels and we MUST convert or die.

What all of us need to do

We all need to stop being politically correct. We need to call out Islamic Terrorism when we see it and when it is confirmed. Most of all we need stop defending a religion that does NOT acclimate to other cultures but instead tries to usurp it. We need to stop painting a harmful ideology as peaceful in an attempt to demonize those who have seen it for what it is since the beginning.

We need to close boarders, have stricter vetting regulations, and stop taking in refugees from other countries we cannot fully vet. We need to freeze money going to places that breed these terror cells, but most importantly, we need to stop being meek and start defending ourselves.

Until next time, believe nothing and question everything.

The Mad Woman

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