The Hidden Threat: Heart Progress


There is a movement I want to talk to you about. It threatens the safety of children. It’s called Heart Progress. This is a movement, or organization, that is trying to legalize pedophilia. Yes, I typed that correctly, and this is going to be one of those posts. So, if you have a weak stomach or have been the victim of child molestation, please be warned. This may bring back those memories you thought were long buried.

They are trying to lower the age of consent to 4 years-of-age. James Carter, the most prominent name you see on videos against Heart Progress, tries to tell people that small children can consent to sex. Let me type that a second time so you don’t have to read that again. He is trying to assert that children ages 12 and under can consent to sex. Furthermore, anyone who dares to speak against it that was a victim of molestation gets contacted by James Carter, or should I say JennyLover83, or Jamie Siracusano? It’s hard to keep with all the aliases.

My video calling them out

This is the video I did calling them out and providing evidence to them that children cannot consent.  However, they didn’t take to well to that. As a matter of fact, here is what ole Carter had to say.


You see what I mean? So, mistakenly, I decided to explain to him I lived in a simpler time, and my parents would go out every weekend to run errands. So, this is what he had to say.



Are you beginning to see his mentality? What if I told you I was not the only one he’s done this to?  There is another content creator, by the name of msosabear:


Here is what Mr. Carter had to say.


Does that look familiar? It should. I debunked it in my video. He continues to use inaccurate facts. He also has a merry band who follows him around to descend upon the comments sections of people like Osa and me to make us look like liars.

There is more than just me fighting them.

My husband, Zephanorion, Lizz Reptile, Run n Guns News, Aracore, and others are tirelessly looking for where they pop up next. We won’t stop until we bring all of them into the light and expose them for what they are, predatory people who want to satiate their deviant urges. We will turn over everything we find to the proper authorities. We don’t want to screw this up. It’s too important. We also have a message for James, or whoever he is. Here is the latest video where a group of us worked together to find information on one of the members.

The Community collab

Please, if you suspect this happening in your community or online, don’t confront them. We are still looking for information on other of this movement to turn to present to the proper authorities.

Until next time,

The Mad Woman

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  1. I have recently posted a video on my Facebook, of a lady decrying this same thing (Not this particular group, but pedophiles in general wanting to be made a sexual preference). The responses I have recieved have been incredibly disheartening. People are yelling that this is NOT a thing, and it never will be, and to just hush and stop making waves. As a father of a boy sexually molested by my wife’s father, it hurts that people really don’t seem to take this seriously.

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