The left’s romance with Communism

communist1…or the things they refuse to see.

Over the years, I have seen the narrative shift on the left from one of supporting workers, freedom of speech, and basic liberties for all to one of hiring on the basis of gender and skin color instead of qualifications, trying to stifle opposing views through the use of buzzwords, blocking and flagging, and demanding the government provide free health care, more welfare benefits, standing for illegal aliens, and seeming to care nothing for those that would struggle and who would suffer the most due to the taxes that would be levied if all of these programs were implemented.

Now, before I here “I don’t! Not me!” or any of the other typical responses to what I have just said, I will introduce the obligatory disclaimer:

I fully understand and acknowledge the fact NOT ALL democrats, leftists, or left-leaning people think and/or act this way.

I am referring to the blatant repetitive singing of the joys of healthcare and school systems under the communist way of running things. Regressive thinking people seem to think the cure to all ills for the US is to turn everything over to the government and let the nanny state take care of us. They do not seem to know what this entails.

  1. Your speech will be infringed.

Ever hear of bill C-16 out of Canada? Let me summarize it for you. You can be fined or face jail time for mis-gendering someone because of the psychological harm it will cause to these special little people who think being otherkin, non-binary, or some other made up gender makes them stand out.

If the state decides to go full authoritarian, even speaking ill of the leader will have you arrested faster then you can pick the wedgie out of your underwear.

Free press will be a thing of the past. All publications will have to be state approved. Don’t believe me? Read this from an interview done with Fidel Castro:



2. Your health will be fully in the hands of the state.

This means, if for ANY reason you are no longer seen as beneficial to society, they will stop spending money on you to maintain your health. They will either shove pain pills at you until you die, or stuff you in a gulag to be forgotten.

3. No guns.

This may seem like a great idea to those who keep yelling for registries and more gun control, but it won’t save you from the people who never followed the letter of the law from the start.

This is only a few of things that would change drastically under communism, and in case you’re wondering, socialism as well. The more the state controls, the less choice you have. It’s that simple, but the regressive left cannot seem to see that.

Until next time,

The Mad Woman

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