Cuba, Korea, and what I’m doing next…

fireandfuryHey, everyone, it has been a long time since I have posted on this blog. I made a huge mistake. I took on too many projects for my freelance writing and found myself with no time to do anything else, much less post here or give myself a day off, but enough of the  explanations. Strap yourself in and get ready to read what could possibly one of my longest blog posts yet.

cuban-flag-0Ah yes, this series, I still do have it slated to be finished with one more video on how Fidel came to power and a blog post on the state of the country today. Though I have never been to Cuba, I do have family there, and I fear for them as days pass. When my grandmother passed, our family here just went in different directions, leaving me no way of communicating with the family I have there or getting updates. My mother said she would be more than happy to write, in her own words, what it was like there, and I will do a reading of it when she sends to me. When that happens, I will officially close out the series, and I will move on to other countries in strife and political upheaval.

Flag_of_North_Korea.svgI am keeping an active eye on the story and how it develops, but to go more in-depth in a morning news cast would take longer then than the 45 minute limit I have set for myself on that cast. This is why I will be doing a series of live streams, with guests, outlining the history of the sanctions, the relationships the US has with China and North Korea, and hitting on the current threat to Guam, the U.S. territory in the Pacific. This is an ongoing topic, and I plan to cover it until its resolution. I am hoping it can be a peaceful one.

Where I Am Going

It has become painfully evident YouTube and Google have swallowed the blue pill and are ever-determined to quash any views and opinions that do not fall in line with regressive viewpoints. This is why I have made a Twitch channel, starting transferring content to Vidme, and will start being more active on Minds. Twitter is another platform that has gone the censorship route by shadow banning and deciding who’s tweets I see and who’s they don’t think I want to see. As I do not like having choicesmade for me, I will also be more active on Gab. All these links I have mentioned are on my website, which is linked to this blog. I hope you will follow me on those platforms as well.

Decisions made for sanity’s sake

(or what little of it I actually have) I am not going to stick to a stringent upload schedule for my scripted and pre-recorded content. I tried in the past to do so, but it made me feel overwhelmed and I would shut down and end up doing nothing at all. I want to fully be able to research these topics to present them to you in a concise and compete manner, and I simply can’t do that in one day with my freelance job, making jewelry, and the morning show. When I do get ready to upload, I will post a trailer on YouTube and post the link to the full video on Vidme. I am sorry if this will cause an inconvenience, but again, YouTube has decided to be quite creator un-friendly, and I can no longer, in good faith, continue to post my hard work to a platform that will possibly thwart me at every turn. I hope you understand and will continue to support me.

Speaking of support…

I am still linking my Patreon to my website as well as the subscription links for patrons and those who wish to sponsor me. I will see how long Patreon will allow me to have a page there.

Until next time, question everything.

The Mad Woman

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