Alt-Right, Far Left, Is there a difference?

leftrightmemeIf Charlottesville, VA taught us anything it’s that, though they may seem different on the surface, both extremes to the political parties have more in common than they care to admit. They are both identitarian in their ways. They both push an agenda and employ tactics to humiliate, silence, and rid themselves of opposing views, leaving an echo chamber in their wakes. While one pushes their regressive views with feelings, and being eternally offended, the other tries to hide under the guise of free speech while pushing for racial purity and superiority. What I am trying to put into words is they both push hate and bigotry, and though one half, known as the regressive left, resorts to violence, the other half, known as the Alt-Right, has tried to avoid it until Charlottesville.

You’re probably wondering why I am not committing myself to calling the Alt-Right “The Alt-Right”. It is simple, beneath the surface, historically speaking, they are actually the left. In its inception, the Ku Klux Clan was born out of the Democratic Party. It was born in 1866 to be an opposing force to the Republican Party’s Reconstruction era policies. They targeted both white and black leaders of the Republican Party, using fear, intimidation and violence. You see, at this time, the South was Democratic and angry they lost the Civil War.

Congress passed laws to try and curb the actions of the KKK, but it did not seem to slow them down. They became more militant in the 60’s as they bombed black schools and and churches. This sparked a string of violent clashes between the white supremacist group and the groups that united to fight it, but the KKK was on the left, very much on the left.

In 1915, they reared their heads in force again. They railed against anyone who was not white, Catholic, or Jewish. Their goal was to bring back the Old South, but again, they met with an opposing force from the right and more legislation to quell their activity. At last count, in the 1990’s, it was said they were 6,000 to 10,000 members strong.

On the “Flip Side”-Antifa

Most would say this group is fairly new, but different iterations of this group have been listed through history. It too has a dark past it cannot shake. One can relate this group to fascism, the very thing they hate. Their propensity for showing up to quell those they do not agree with using violent tactics can be equated with the tactics the KKK have used throughout history. Everywhere Antifa goes, chaos, violence, injuries, and destruction is left in their wake and all for the cause of “smashing fash”. What they refuse, or fail, to see is they have become the beast they wish to fight and have forced the KKK to become more active than they have been in the last twenty years. Antifa and the BLM have also helped to allow the rise of white nationalists, like Vanguard America, and Richard Spencer’s group.

But how did they do this?

cea They did this by fully embracing the ideology of the regressive left and the intersectional movement of feminism. They constantly brow beat anyone who is white, and if you happen to be male, you get an exponentially larger portion of vitriol aimed in your direction. In their attempt to completely emasculate the “white male”, they have forced those self-same males into a corner, leaving two choices:

  1. Go sit quietly in a corner, admit you’re at fault for everything and be cucked, or
  2. Gather in large groups to fight the ideology that is forcing you to comply with choice number one.

Which choice do you think they have chosen?

The regressive left refuse to look at the white male as an individual and have chosen to tear down the monolith, fitting all the said white males in a box and verbally battering them constantly.

How Long?

We see the beginnings of a fuse which has been lit. How much more can this country withstand before the powder keg explodes?

Until next time,

The Mad Woman

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