The Texas Shooting: The facts, The Speculation


On Sunday, November 5, 2017, gun shots rang out at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The major news outlets, keen on getting “the scoop” jumped on what tidbits they could find. With the story unfolding and 26 dead, MSM swung into action with speculation mixed with facts and the ever-expected narrative spin. In this article, I will run down the facts as I have been able to confirm them, the speculation of the media, and, as always, give my two cents at the end.


 The Timeline

At 11:20 a.m. Devin Kelley was spotted at a Valero convenience store in Sutherland Springs, TX. He has been described as a white male in his early twenties,  wearing a ballistics vest. Crossing the street to the church, he exited his vehicle and opened fire on the church and then continued to fire as he swept to the right side of the church. He then entered the church, firing on the congregation killing 26 and wounding 20. Of the 20 wounded, 10 are still in critical condition.

It was at this time Stephen Willeford received a call from his daughter who told him the members of the church were being fired upon. He headed to the church and confronted Kelley as the shooter exited the church. The confrontation made Kelley drop the AR-15 and flee. Willeford picked up the rifle and fired a round, hitting Kelley between the plating in the vest. Willeford then ran to a nearby truck with another local still inside it, Johnnie Langendorf. Langendorf, who witnessed the scuffle chased Kelley, with Willeford in the passenger seat. This ended in Kelley crashing his vehicle and the police arriving on the scene.

The police found Kelley dead in the vehicle. They cannot ascertain as to whether the cause of death was the shot fired from Willeford or self inflicted. They are waiting on the autopsy report before commenting further. When they searched Kelley’s vehicle, they found more weapons.

About Devin Kelley

It does not appear that Kelley has any ties to terror organizations. In fact, it has been revealed he was dishonorably discharged from the Air Force for alleged spousal and child abuse. He was sentenced to 12 months confinement after a court-martial in 2012. This was reported by Ann Stefaneck, an Air Force spokeswoman. The court-martial, according to a 1968 gun control law, made it illegal for Kelley to purchase or own a fire arm at all.

Possible Motive?

It has been discovered Kelley had domestic problems with his in-laws. He also knew his mother-in-law was a member of the church he fired upon. It has also been reported she received threatening messages from Kelley in the form of texts. The family members were not in attendance that morning. Sheriff Joe Tackitt was quoted as saying she did not attend on “a regular basis”.

Cries from the Politians

As if on cue, Democrats have renewed their stand on restricting gun ownership in the form of more gun control.
Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott told CBS news that there was evidence of Kelley having mental problems. This lead to a push saying it’s not a gun control issue but a mental health issue.

My two cents

This is still a developing story, so, I will keep an eye on the news sources to see if anything new is released to the press. By what I have been able to surmise by the information I could find, I believe this was a targeted attack. I think Kelley went there looking for his in-laws in order to shoot them, possibly blaming them for his dishonorable discharge and abuse allegations. This was not a terror attack. That I can say with surety.

There is conflicting reports on whether the rifle was an AR-15 or an AR-556 made by the Ruger company. One source states it as a modified Ruger AR-15 while another calls it an Ruger AR-556 (which may actually be an SR-556-based off of the gas operated AR-15 design). This is puzzling and a curiosity for me. Ruger, however, does not make an AR-15. They manufacture a mini-14.

There will always be a tug-of-war when a shooting happens.
”Was it a terror attack?”
”Was the shooter mentally unstable?”
”We need more gun control!”
”It’s a mental health issue!”
Unfortunately, these questions are all too commonplace. Too many people are ready to politicize these types of incidents instead of reporting the facts, getting interviews, and just reporting the news.


I said Willeford wrestled with the shooter. He did not. It also turns out he is a former NRA instructor. This is Willeford’s accounting of the events.



Until next time “The hardest thing to open is a closed mind”

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