Supreme court on digital privacy, Trump tweets anger Dems, FERC Sued for Eminent Domain infractions

Here are the stories read on The Morning Brew for Nov. 29, 2017

Supreme Court Sees Digital Privacy Case


Today, the United States Supreme court will face a test of privacy rights in the digital age. It must decide whether or not police have to acquire warrants to obtain data on past locations of suspects by using cellphone data from providers like Verizon, Sprint and others. They were scheduled to hear an appeal at 10 AM EST the case of Timothy Carpenter, someone convicted of a series of armed robberies that occurred in Ohio and Michigan with the aid of cellphone location data linking him to the robbery locations. The ACLU argues doing this was an illegal search and seizure under the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution.

Law enforcement often requests this information from providers in order to try and place the suspect at the crime scene. This has raised questions as to the limits, if any, of cellphone providers in protecting customers’ privacy rights. AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint get tens of thousands of these requests per year from law enforcement.

The Supreme Court has already ruled twice in past years on major cases on the way criminal law applies to the new technology. Both incidents ruling against law enforcement. The ACLU contends that police need probable cause and thus a warrant before the location information should be released in order to meet the Fourth Amendment provisions.


Victoria Says “Yes” to Euthanasia

The vote, which passed today, legalizes the patient’s right to request a lethal drug and assisted death starting in June 2019. It was passed after 100 hours of debate.


Trump Ridiculed for Tweets While Facing Tax Vote


This is how Trump tweeted his outlook on the upcoming vote on Taxes. He sounds optimistic. However, over the last 48 hours, his tweets turned to other matters which sent the press into a fit:

-The Pocahontas incident

<No tweet found>

-Focus on NFL and Players kneeling, again

Trump NFL

-His ongoing disdain for MSM

Trump MSM

-Democrats who are “weak on Crime”.



With December deadlines coming up fast, the MSM are claiming he is taking the opportunity to show he can hold a grudge. This comes after a ceremony honoring Native Americans in which Trump jokingly called Senator Warren “Pocahontas”. He has been tweeting about the NFL on and off since the kneeling started, and keeps calling out Pelosi and Schumer on their want to hike taxes, back-up law enforcement, or even support the military and strengthen our borders.

As shown above, hours before the meeting about the tax plan with Schumer and Pelosi was to take place, he tweeted he did not see a deal. This prompted Pelosi and Schumer to back out of the meeting causing the President Trump to have empty seats on either side of him.


FERC Sued for “Unconstitutional” Granting of Pipeline Certs.

In a series of challenges to natural gas pipelines, the New Jersey Conservation Foundation is suing the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. They are bringing forth accusations to the agency of letting the seizure of private land happen in the US District Court in Trenton. This is the latest legal problem which involves the 120-mile PennEast Pipeline spanning two states and crossing the Delaware. The project, which costs $1B has faced resistance in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The push back includes property owners to let PennEast Pipeline LLC lay the line on their property.

This has prevented PennEast from submitting crucial permits to the NJDEP. These necessary permits would give eminent domain rights over those properties. This is the first of its kind complaint. The plaintiffs are arguing the federal agency is illegally letting companies take private property through eminent domain for the construction.

“Our aim is to motivate FERC to amend its policies so the agency ceases its unconstitutional practice of granting certificates for pipelines that are not in the public interest. This will end the unjust seizing of public and private land,’’ said Susan J. Kraham, senior staff attorney at Columbia Environmental Law Clinic.



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