Quickie News, Cali Wildfire Update, Cladding Investigation, and Net Neutrality

This is the transcript for The Morning Brew on Dec. 13, 2017.

Quick points

Firefighters Gaining Ground on California Fire


Firefighters are slowly gaining ground as it enters the 10th day of the wildfires. Containment lines have been drawn around a quarter of the blaze. Through all this, it still raged and put thousands of homes in danger and stranding thousands of people trying to flee the fire. The wildfire has now claimed over 900 buildings, at least 700 being residences. It has also spanned close to 370 square miles (958 sq. Km). This makes it the fifth largest wildfire in state history.

It has determined the “Skirball fire”, which was started near the Getty museum, was an illegal fire at a camp close to a freeway underpass. This was stated by fire Captain Erik Scott. Though no one was at the camp when firefighters found it, it looked as if people had been camping there and cooking for several days.

Masks have been handed out to Montecito residents who decided to stay. This is a community 75 miles (120 Km) from Los Angeles.


Builders Rehired to Replace Cladding After Grenfell Fire


Cladding, the thermal or weather proof coating on buildings, is being removed and replaced on housing blocks in Britain due to some companies installing dangerous cladding. The safety of these buildings have come under question after the Grenfell disaster that claimed the lives of 71 people. A bevy of tests what have been ordered by the government to determine if the types of panels met the safety rules determined the cladding on the London Tower block was not in compliance. Reuters did a review and discovered 65 buildings with substandard cladding. The review the news source conducted was done so by accessing building and planning documents that are publicly available, but a further investigation by Reuters has brought to light some thing possibly disturbing. On 29 of the buildings that need a refit, the same builders who installed the substandard cladding won new contracts to replace the same cladding they installed. The names of the companies in question are Willmott Dixon, Wates, and Engie. The councils which own the 65 towers, are publicly funded and non-profit entities which provide housing for low-income people. It is within the councils’ powers to bring a lawsuit against the building companies who installed the bad cladding.


Net Neutrality articles and sources from the stream:

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