What’s up in the DOJ? NY Attack Leaves Questions, and EU Will not Recognize Jerusalem.

This is the transcript for The Morning Brew on Dec. 12, 2017.

NY Pipebomb Attack Leaves Questions


In an attack that left five people injured, the pipe bomb attack and subsequent arrest of 27-year-old Akayed Ullah left many scratching their heads in regards to how the Bangladeshi was living in Brooklyn to begin with.  The discovery of him being in the United States on an F-43 Visa prompted President Trump to reassert his stance on making the immigration laws more stringent. An F-43 Visa is essentially a green card for the child of a brother or sister of a legal immigrant that is being sponsored to become a permanent citizen or “extended family chain migration”. Akayed came here in 2011 under this Visa. The waiting list for such a visa can take up to 20 years to attain and it expires in ten years. This means he was 21 when he arrived here.

The suspect admitted to being radicalized, saying the bombing was his retaliation for the American air strikes in Syria and elsewhere which are targeting members of ISIS. He said he learned how to make the bomb by going online and finding instructions on how to assemble it and how to mix the materials inside the pipe. The pipe itself came from a construction site where he was working as an electrician. The pipe bomber was a member of the Bangladesh Muslim Center who has said, “This is not what and who we are.” in reference to Akayed being a member. Mr. Quandry, a spokesperson for the Muslim Center also went on to say, “The Kensington Community we have, it’s people who work very hard just to provide for our family.” Further investigation has uncovered that police in Bangladesh stated they never heard of Mr. Ullah.

This has spurred many in Congress to want to put restrictions on immigration and limit the number of permanent-resident Visas. They also would like to do away with being able to bring relatives to the states through the “extended family chain.”

Sources: Associated Press Application for windows

EU Rejects Recognizing Jerusalem


Netanyahu was in Brussels Monday insisting they back the US’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini was witnessed as saying that no European leaders would adopt Trump’s lead. Netanyahu was quoted as responding with “what President Trump has done is put the facts squarely on the table. Peace is based in reality. Jerusalem is Israel’s capital, no one can deny it. It doesn’t obviate peace, it makes peace possible.” The EU is concerned about Trump’s move saying they don’t wish to see a discredited US administration in regards to negotiations in the Middle East, but the move will not come.

Mogherini and other ministers have been waiting for details on how the United States is going to enact a peace initiative, but see no time frame nor a hint of who would be involved. “We’ve been waiting for several months.” Said a French Foreign Minister, “If that’s not the case, then perhaps the European Union should take the initiative, but it’s too early to say.”


Alabama Vote


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