Weekend recap for Jan. 13-15: PA says Either Marijuana or Guns-not both, UAE v Qatar, Costa Rica Suspends Airline

This is the transcript and corrections for the show dated Jan. 15, 2018.


Costa Rica Suspends Airline


Nature Air, a local Costa Rican Airline, has been suspended by Costa Rica’s civil aviation agency. This comes two weeks after a small plane from the airline crashed, claiming the lives of two pilots and 10 U.S. citizens. An anonymous source was quoted as saying, “It doesn’t directly have to do with the accident.” In fact, the director of the civil aviation agency, Ennio Cubillo, stated the suspension was due to the lack several key employees who no longer work for the company.

The Airline’s pilot training director was one of the victims of the crash on Punta Islita beach along with the co-pilot. The operations manager of the airline quit, and its aerial security director asked for leave of absence. Investigators are looking into the weather conditions at the time of the flight as well as the possibility of mechanical or human error to find the cause of the Cessna 208B to fall from the sky not long after takeoff. There was a raid earlier in the week by Costa Rican authorities to attain information.  Authorities say raids are routine during investigations.


Russia and Crimea Situation Heats Up


After Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, there has been sanctions from the EU and the U.S., but it hasn’t stopped the escalation in the region. A new deployment of S-400 surface-to-air missiles from Russia to Crimea has made the stand-off more tense. This is the second division of these types of missiles to the region. This new deployment will in the town of Sevastopol, with the first deployment still stationed in Fedosia. The new defense system can convert into combat mode in less than five minutes.

The United States stated in November it was planning to provide Ukraine with “enhanced defensive capabilities” which included Javelin anti-tank missiles.


Henry Bolton, UKIP Leader Asked to Step Down


After Jo Marney, Bolton’s girlfriend, released messages exchanged between her and Henry, the UK Independence Party received calls on Sunday for him to stand down. The messages were remarks referencing Prince Harry’s Fiancee Meghan Markle and included remarks such as “Small brain” and her being a “taint” to the bloodline. Bolton is saying the messages were taken out of context, but judge for yourself.


It is the girlfriend in white. I mis-reported this on the show. This is a correction.




Pennsylvania Says, “Mary Jane or Guns, not Both”


Due to a federal law on the books which prohibits gun ownership for people who use marijuana, Pennsylvania, the next state to legalize marijuana for medicinal use, has their citizens facing a choice, marijuana use or gun ownership, not both. The muddy waters in this situation is how this law going to be enforced. After the Second Amendment does protect our right to own firearms, federal law conflicts with the constitution. Included in this conflict is whether or not gun owners will have to surrender their firearms when they start to partake of medical marijuana instead of being barred from making new purchases.

Friday, regulators who have announced a registry of medical pot patients are saying the registry is not available, a registry that was planned to go through the state’s law enforcement network. Then there is the rescinding of the Obama era policy which kept prosecutors from going after states that legalized the herb to consider as well. Jeff Sessions has left it in the hands of federal prosecutors as to whether they wish to go after the marijuana trade or leave it be.

It is not clear how many of the gun owners in PA will be affected. Currently, 800,000 firearms are sold or transferred in the state every year and more then 10,000 people signed up for the medical marijuana program. The change to the registry makes it less probable that the medical marijuana users will be flagged when going through a background check.


Cali Mudslides Claims 20 Lives


As if the wildfires weren’t enough, rains in Southern California have caused mudslides which caused more destruction of property, flooding and even claimed the lives of 20 people. Four people are still missing as of the Sunday report. Officials are still finding survivors from the mudslides that occurred last Tuesday. This makes it the greatest loss of life from mudslides in the past 13 years.

There is a ten-mile stretch of road to be closed until further notice. Highway 101 closing has caused major traffic problems, often causing motorists to go 100 miles out of their way to reach their destination.


All Eyes on China’s Absence in Vancouver Meeting


Ministers from around 20 nations will gather on Tuesday to talk about how they are going to attempt to curve North Korea’s push toward being a nuclear power. The country normally holding the most sway over North Korea, China, will not be in attendance. Russia is another who will be absent.

The discussions will focus on possible solutions, such as expanding sanctions aimed at the nuclear program. The 17-nation Proliferation Security Initiative placed importance on “disrupting funding and disrupting resources” in its aims to prevent WMD trafficking.

South Korea has reached out to the North to begin talks before the Winter Olympics, though U.S. officials are highly pessimistic on the talks going anywhere positive.



Baghdad: Suicide Claims 27 lives and Wounds 64


In the deadliest recorded attack of 2018 in the region, a twin suicide bombing has killed 27 and wounded 64 in Baghdad today. The attack happened in Aviation Square, a commercial district which doubles as a laborer’s gathering point for day work. This comes on the heals of Iran’s victory over the Islamic State. The IS, however, has not stopped its attacks in Baghdad.


UAE Accuses Qatar of Intercepting Airliners


Out of Dubai, the UAE is claiming Qatari jets intercepted two commercial jets belonging to the Emirates. Doha official is denying the claims. The two major airlines who’s jets were intercepted have declined to comment. This claim can worsen tensions between Qatar and the four UAE nations. The UAE has been openly boycotting Qatar for months. This is also after Qatar complaints to the UN of the Emirates violating its international airspace by using Emirati military aircraft.


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