Las Vegas Update. Border Patrol Agent was NOT attacked? Budget before Shutdown? Teen Makes Alzheimer’s App

This is the transcription for The Morning Brew for Feb. 8, 2018

Judges Calls for Records to be Released in Vegas Shooting


The 1 October in Las Vegas panic ensued as shoots rang out into a crowd for a country music concert. The shooter felled 58 victims and wounded approximately 500 more. The investigation seemed to go into full swing, with press conference updates and time lines of what happened. The problem is time lines seemed to conflict and accountings of what led up to the death of the shooter never lined up.

This could be why, on February 6, 2018, a federal judge unsealed approximately 300 pages of search warrant records, records which included a second named “person of interest”, one Douglas Haig. He is also calling for a full release of all records, including body cam footage.  This was after District Court Judge Timothy Williams ordered the coroner to release the autopsy and has fined Clark County Nevada Coroner John Fudenberg $32,000 in legal costs for not releasing it to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, one of the local papers. The office, which was sued by the paper said until the autopsy report was “finalized”, they would not release it. Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo stated he could not comment on a federal case.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports the shooter scrubbed his own digital storage or concealed it. One burner phone was used even though three phones were found in the hotel suite. Along with over 20 rifles, they found hundreds of spent cartridge cases, even more rounds of unspent ammunition, a homemade gas mask, a set of body armor, a holographic weapon sight, and other listed items.


No On-Duty Attack of Border Patrol Agent


In November, a border patrol agent was killed and another sustained traumatic brain injury. This prompted Trump to push harder for his wall, but after more than 650 interviews, location searches, and evidence collections, it seems that information does not support a struggle or scuffle in any way says the FBI El Paso Field Office in a statement. The National Border Patrol Office, the border patrol union believes the two border agents were attacked in an ambush by rocks. The attack killed Agent Rogelio Martinez, who died of blunt force trauma, and left Agent Stephen Garland suffering from head injuries and broken bones. Garland has trouble remembering the incident. The El Paso medical examiner reported fractures to Martinez’s skull, jaw, clavicle and ribs, and there was bleeding in his brain. A Culberson County Sheriff told the Dallas Morning News a witness to the incident that the agents could have been side-swiped.


Budget Deal Faces Opposition From All Sides


In an ongoing struggle to come up with a budget for the 2018 year and with the extension to expire at midnight tonight, both the Democrats and the Republicans have wins for the concessions made like an extra $300 Billion for the Pentagon and domestic programs over the next two years. It is a win for the Republicans due to more funding for military and national defense, and a win for Democrats who seek to strengthen and fix the infrastructure and combat opiod abuse. However, in the ever increasing pressure from Liberals, there is still an air of defeat in the Democrat camp in terms of the resolution of the “Dreamer” issue and the fact the budget does NOT address immigration.

Leaders in the Senate wish to approve the measure today and send it to the House for confirmation before another shutdown at midnight. Progressives and activists have railed at Congress for leaving illegal aliens in limbo and not addressing them in the bill. Even Pelosi stood on the floor and showed her disdain in a day-long speech which was not even necessary. Why? Because they are overlooking the glaring fact Trump wishes to sit with them and come to an agreement, and then there is the overlooked fact that immigration legislation is a separate issue entirely from a budget which is meant to allocate funds for a smoothly running country.


Young Coder Makes App for Alzheimer’s Patients


Emma Yang, who has played Carnegie Hall at the age of six, set out to make an app for smart phones after her grandmother in Hong Kong started showing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

“I started coding when I was around six years old,” Yang stated, “One of the big things that I really love about the app developing and coding is that, you know, it’s really empowered me to do something to help her. Even if she is still declining, she can actually still stay connected with me.”

The app, one “Timeless” by name, uses facial recognition technology to help Alzheimer’s patients to remember who they are speaking to and also notifies them if they are about to call someone whom they just spoke to. Cole Calistra, the chief technology officer of Kairos, provided the facial recognition software that powers the app. Yang hopes its ease of use will be able to help Alzheimer’s patients everywhere.


Until Next time, Question everything.

Anissa “Maddy” Mathias

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