TN Shooter Update. YouTube Deletes 8 Million Videos? and More!

This is the news transcript for The Morning Brew for April 24, 2018

The post will be updated with the edited stream when it becomes available on April 25, 2018 at Noon EST.

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Waffle House slaying suspect arrested after massive manhunt

waffle house pic

The mentally unstable gunman suspected of killing four people in a late-night shooting at a Waffle House restaurant was arrested near his apartment Monday after hiding from police for more than a day. Police and federal agents had mounted a massive manhunt in Nashville for 29-year-old Travis Reinking after the Sunday morning attack. In which he was clad only in a jacket as he opened fire on the patrons at the restaurant before a customer disarmed him. Reinking was formally charged late Monday with four counts of criminal homicide and held on a $2 million bond, court records show. Construction workers told officers earlier Monday that a person matching Reinking’s description walked into the woods near a construction site. A detective spotted Reinking, who laid down on the ground to be handcuffed when he was confronted. Reinking carried a black backpack with a silver semi-automatic weapon and .45-caliber ammunition. The shooter stole a BMW days before the attack. The car was quickly recovered, but authorities did not immediately link the theft to Reinking. Meanwhile, authorities in Illinois shared past reports suggesting multiple red flags about a disturbed young man with paranoid delusions. That leads to the question about the father, did he break the law by giving his sons weapons back to him? Reinking’s father has acknowledged this fact to the police. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives special Agent Marcus Watson said Monday that his action is “potentially a violation of federal law.”

10 dead after van hits pedestrians in Toronto, driver in custody: Police

toronto pic

A white van jumped a curb and slammed into pedestrians Monday on a crowded street, killing at least 10 people, injuring 15 and leaving witnesses stunned by the carnage. The driver was arrested near the scene. Details remain sketchy and police said a cause or motive for the 1:30 p.m. incident is uncertain. Canada’s minister of public safety, Ralph Goodale, said it’s too soon to say whether the crash is a case of international terrorism, and the nation has not changed its terrorism alert level. Toronto’s police chief, Mark Saunders, said the driver — who he identified as Alek Minassian — “appeared to intentionally target pedestrians.” Minassian, 25, is a resident of the Toronto suburb of Richmond Hill. He had not been known to police previously. Ali Shaker, who was driving near the van, told Canadian broadcast outlet CP24 that the driver appeared to be moving deliberately through the crowd at more than 30 mph. The incident occurred as Cabinet ministers from the major industrial countries were gathered in Canada to discuss a range of international issues in the run-up to the G7 meeting near Quebec City in June. Meanwhile the police are being praised as heroes today, as the suspect did have a firearm on him.

Cop being a praised as a hero in the van plowing incident.

Dramatic images of the tense standoff between officers and the van rampage suspect being seen by a worldwide audience are earning Toronto police kudos for their restraint and professionalism. The bystander footage shows a man standing near a white van stopped on a sidewalk, with his outstretched arm pointing a dark object at an officer out in the street. A man’s voice can be heard telling the officer to “kill me” and “shoot me in the head.” “I have a gun in my pocket,” he yells, and is ordered to “get down or you’ll be shot.” An officer is captured arresting the suspect, near Yonge St. and Sheppard Ave. No shots were fired. “Grateful for the brave and professional response of Toronto police and other first responders to the horrific attack at Yonge and Finch,” Canada’s Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale tweeted.

Kim Jong-un ‘sorrow’ at fatal bus crash

Kim jong pic

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has expressed “bitter sorrow” over a bus accident that left 32 Chinese tourists and four North Koreans dead. The accident took place on Sunday night in North Hwanghae province, when the tour bus plunged off a bridge. It is rare for North Korea’s tightly-controlled media to report on negative news, and for Mr Kim to acknowledge the incident itself is even more unusual. “[Mr Kim] said that the unexpected accident brought bitter sorrow to his heart,” the official KCNA news agency reported. “He couldn’t control his grief at the thought of the bereaved families who lost their blood relatives.” The North Korean leader was pictured visiting injured passengers in hospital. The report said he “personally learned about the treatment”. He also visited the Chinese embassy in Pyongyang, where he met the Chinese ambassador to North Korea Li Jinjun and “expressed his heartfelt condolences and sympathy.” China and North Korea have been long-time allies. Mr Kim’s rapid visit to the injured people – and the reporting of it – is likely to be seen in part as a way of protecting his image among the Chinese population.

YouTube took down more than 8 million videos in 3 months

youtube pic

On Monday, the Google-owned company said it took down more than 8 million videos between October and December for violating its community guidelines. The majority of the videos were spam or people trying to upload “adult content.” The information was included in YouTube’s first quarterly report on how it’s enforcing its community guidelines. “This regular update will help show the progress we’re making in removing violative content from our platform,” the video-sharing site said in a blog post. According to the report, computers detect most of the videos that end up getting taken down. It said 6.7 million videos were first flagged for review by machines, not humans. Of those, 76% were taken down before receiving any views from users. YouTube has faced complaints from critics and advertisers who say the company has trouble tackling offensive content on its site. Google has pledged to hire 10,000 employees across the company by the end of this year to address “violative” content. YouTube said Monday that it has filled the majority of the additional roles needed to reach its contribution to that goal. YouTube also announced a “Reporting History” dashboard where users can check to see the status of videos they’ve flagged for review.

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