Trump Backs Out of Iran Deal, Netanyahu Goes to Moscow, New 3-D Cell Imaging, and more!

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Trump Officially Backs out of Iran Nuclear Deal

iran pic

After refusing to comply with the U.S part of the deal and missing deadlines, President Trump has formally announced the the United States will be withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal. This is happening before the negotiations with North Korea. A move like this has made many of the Untied States allies uneasy and making the upcoming talks concerning.

Iran, though it has broken the agreement, intends to stay in the deal. The Iran deal highly limited its nuclear program, such as restricting enrichment programs that could lead to weapons grade material.

This could lead courage to Iranian forces in the escalating tensions Iran has with Israel and lend fire to the Syrian and Yemeni conflicts. This could shift power in the Middle Eastern arms race. The President believes withdrawing from this deal will leave him in a better place in the negotiations with Kim Jong Un.

This deal was struck in 2015 with the permanent five of the United Nations: United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, France, and China. The deal limited first generation centrifuges, installing advanced ones, stockpiles of low-enriched uranium and limited enriched uranium for ten years. At the fifteen year mark, there would be no restrictions.

President Trump has had nothing but disdain for the deal and how it is a bad deal.


3-D Views of Cell’s Inner Workings Unlocked

3d cell pic

By using Artificial Intelligence, the Allen Institute for Cell Science has been able to turn the black and white mapping of a cell we’ve all come to know into color-coded, detailed 3-D renderings. Molly Maleckar was quoted as saying, “From a single, simple microscopy image, you could get this very high-contrast, integrated 3-D image where it’s very easy to see where all the separate structures are.”

This new 3-D mapping will help scientists examine the relationships between cells and how they change. This would also help keep a database of how a cell transforms into the myriad of cells in our bodies. This new technology will also allow researchers to track the effects of diseases on cells and how drugs change cells.


Netanyahu and Putin Meet, Syria Looms

israel pic

During a trip to Moscow on Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will talk to President Vladimir Putin in regards to military coordination during new strikes in Syria, which have been blamed on Israel. Syrian state-run asserts Israel targeted a military outpost close to Damacus on Tuesday. The missiles that targeted depots actually belonged to Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard in Kisweh, according to reports from the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The rocket claimed the lives of nine people.

Tensions have been rising between Iran and Israel sue to Iran’s want to expand its military display in Syria to aid its key ally President Bashar Assad. The alleged airstrikes by Israel have killed Iranian fighters leading to threats of retaliation from Tehran. Israel fired back saying that it will not let Iran establish a permanent military presence in Syria.

Israel, who is not in the habit of confirming or denying Syrian airstrikes had to comment on the strike Tuesday; however, the such strikes have become more commonplace. Iran promised to return the strikes in kind.


Ex-CIA Agent Charged with Espionage?

CIA pic

Former CIA officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee received a formal indictment by a grand jury on Tuesday. The indictment is one count of conspiracy to gather and deliver national defense information to aid a foreign government. The Hong Kong-born operative was accused of providing information to the Chinese government about the United States defenses.

Official DOJ Statement

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