Fuego Volcano Erupts; Dead Pet Found on Delta Airliner; E. Coli Stumps FDA and more!

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Fuego Volcano Eruption Kills 25

guatemalaGuatemala’s Fuego volcano erupted on Sunday, claiming 25 lives and wounding almost 300 people at of the time of this report. Volcan de Fuego had a 5 mile (8-kilometer) lava stream and rained ash and black smoke on the capital as well as other regions. This is the second time the volcano has erupted. A total of 3,100 people have been evacuated from the area out of El Rodeo, Alotenango, and San Miguel los Lotes.

Due to the weather the volcano created, rescue efforts were suspended until 5:00 AM GMT. As of the story breaking, they were not able to reach la Libertad village due to the lava. The volcano is located about 25 miles from the capital.






Family Pet Found Dead on During Delta Layover

delta pic

During a layover on a flight from Phoenix to Newark the Pomeranian, named Alejandro, was found dead on Wednesday in its carrier in a cargo area at the airport Southwest of Detroit.

The owner, Michael Dellagrazie told ADIV-TV, “When he landed here in Michigan, he was alive at 6:30 AM and then at 8:20, he wasn’t moving and it just doesn’t make any sense to me. We lost a family member. That’s exactly what happened, and somebody has to be made responsible for it. He was in their care, and they didn’t take are of him.”

Delta told the television station a flight attendant had looked in on Alejandro at around 6 and he was doing fine. The same one checked in two hours later and the pup was deceased.

The airline released a statement with the following quote:

“…conducting a thorough review of the situation to find out more about why this may have occurred to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”




E. coli Outbreak Stumps Investigators

e coli pic

After E. coli illnesses were reported by the CDC in March, there have been 5 more deaths and 200 people from about 36 states have fallen ill from the bacteria,which has stumped investigators.

In March, when the story and recall was first issued, it was determined the E. coli came from contaminated romaine lettuce grown in the Yuma region of Arizona near the Southern California border. The problem is the FDA has not been able to narrow down the source to one farm, processor or distributor. Couple that with the product being pulled off the shelf and the growing season for romaine over, the FDA may never get to the bottom of the tainted lettuce.

Consumer advocates have called on the agency to find more efficient ways of investigating and finding food-borne illnesses. What has slowed down the investigation is the initial linking of the lettuce to pre-packaged salad mixes, which are made in various food plants in the US. This is what has made finding the supplier of the lettuce difficult.




Netanyahu Has Iran in Mind on Way to Europe

netanyahu pic

On Monday, Prime Minister Banjamin Netanyahu is set to travel to Europe to speak to leaders from Germany, France, and Britain to gain support from allies to amend the nuclear deal with Iran and also to push out Iranian forces from Syria. The meetings will start with Angela Merkel. Netanyahu has voiced a positive outlook for the meetings. This is after Israel has officially stated it will not allow Iran to have a firm military presence in Syria. Along with President Trump, Israel has been a long-standing critic of the nuclear deal. Israel’s Prime Minister understands “there isn’t a consensus” regarding the deal but hopes that “in time… …that understanding will be reached.”

He was not successful in blocking the landmark deal, which alleviated heavy sanctions in exchange for curbing Iran’s nuclear program, but preventing it. He hopes to address the parts of the agreement that will end the restrictions on Iran’s nuclear activity, including enriching uranium and allowing the country to develop long-range missiles. The original agreement, which was brought into being by Germany, France, Britain, Russia, China, and the United States, is still backed by all the members with the exception of the U.S., who formally withdrew from the deal.

A senior researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv University was quoted as saying, “There’s no secret that the prime minister wants to completely change the agreement and replace it with an agreement that covers the issues that are missing. I don’t think that he will change the policy, but he will get maybe a commitment to work on the missing points.”

Iran still contends it’s program is for peaceful uses only.



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