Primary Results, Social Security Dips into Trust Fund, Facebook Share with Flagged Firm and More!

This is the transcript for the news segment on The Morning Brew for May 9, 2018. The show airs Monday-Friday at 10:30 AM EST.

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Tuesday Primary Results

primary pic


-U.S. Senator Roger Wicker has won the primary after Trump’s months long endorsement. He raised funds to aid the president “enact his America-first policies”.

-Defeated Richard Boyanton, who ran on a low-budget campaign.

-Wicker served 13 yrs in the House before he was appointed to the Senate.

-David Baria and Howard Sherman are in a run-off, which will happen June 26.

New Jersey

-Bob Hugin beat Brian Golberg for the Republican Senate primary.

-Hugen is a former Marine and pharmaceutical executive.

-Spent much of his own money on his campaign.

-Menendez is the democratic nominee.

New Mexico

-9:10 PM EST The polls were closing.

-Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham wins Democratic nomination.

-Leads the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and critic of Donald Trump.

-She’s received endorsements from progressive advocacy groups, tribal governments, and many labor unions.

-She’s defeated Senator Joseph Cervantes for governor.

-Democrat Debra Haalan has won the nomination for congressional seat.

-Faces Republican Janice Arnold-Jones and Libertarian Lloyd Princeton.


-Los Angeles County reported more than 118,522 voters having been left off the voter list due to a printing error, but that the resident were still able to vote.

-Those people were given provisional ballots with which to cast their vote.

-U.S. Senator Feinstein nabs first place in primary.

-Democrat Gavin Newsom and Republican John Cox will be running for the gubernatorial seat.

-Recalled Judge Aaron Persky

–Judge who sentenced Brock Turner to only six months in jail after sexually assaulting a woman.

-California denied super majority in the state Senate.


-Democratic Senator Jon Tester and Republican Representative Greg Gianforte were unopposed.

-State Auditor Matthew Rosendale has won the Republican nomination.


-Record turnout

-Republican Steve King was the only incumbent challenged.

-Governor Kim Reynolds ran unopposed for nomination.

-Retired businessman Fred Hubbell won the Democratic primary.

-Faces Rep. Gov. Kim Reynolds.

-Senator Nate Boulton dropped out of race due to accusations of sexual misconduct.

-Abby Finkenauer has won the Democratic nominee.

-Looking to be youngest to be elected in U.S. House at 28 years of age.

-Running against Representative Rod Blum, who was unopposed.


-Representative Martha Roby is in a run-off after critics pointed out her criticism of President Trump.

-She is a four-term incumbent.

-The run-off is in July.

-Gov. Kay Ivey has nomination to keep her office without a run-off.

-Tuscaloosa Mayor Walt Maddox is Ivey’s contender for governor.

-Mallory Hagan has Democratic nomination for Congress.

-Former Miss America.

-Rogers ran unopposed for GOP nomination.

South Dakota

-U.S. Representative Kristi Noem has won gubernatorial nomination.

-Stands to be first woman Governor in the state.

-Faces Democrat Billie Sutton.

-Sutton avoided a primary to gather funds.



Social Security Dips into Reserves

Social Security pic

For the first time since 1982, the costs for Social Security will exceed its income. This means the program will have to use its almost $3 Trillion trust fund to cover benefits, but the only surprise for the writers of the annual report is that it happened three years than projected. Lower economic growth projections, lower tax revenue, is cited as one of the factors. The annual report also stated the trust fund is projected for depletion in 2034 with Medicare’s hospital insurance being depleted in 2026. The disability portion of Social Security is projected to deplete in 2032. Once Social Security is depleted, recipients will only receive 3/4 of scheduled benefits.

Last year, there were 2.8 workers for every recipient, which was down from the 3.3 per recipient in 2007, but unless Congress can find a way to shore up the program, that will not matter.

Treasury Secretary of State Mnuchin has states that the Trump Administration’s efforts to “cut taxes, reduce regulatory burdens and overhaul trade agreements” could very well give the economy the boost it needs to generate revenue for Medicare and Social Security, which not only allots benefits for the retired but the disabled as well. The tax cuts which were passed last year have slightly lowered the estimated revenue for the programs in the coming years, because the taxation of the benefits goes into the trust fund.

Congress has yet to agree on what course to take.




Facebook Gives Info to Flagged Firm

facebook pic

In an ongoing struggle to improve its optics, Facebook has now been outed as sharing data with Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications equipment company that American Intel Officials have flagged as a national security threat. The agreement with this and three other companies date back to 2010. The other three companies are Lenovo, Oppo,and TCL. Facebook has stated they would end their partnership with Huawei buy the end of the week.

These deals allowed Facebook to jump in the lead in the mobile market, allowing device makers to offer Facebook features like address books, like buttons and status updates. To a degree, the agreement allowed Chinese companies to retrieve information on users and their friends, which included work and education history, relationship statuses and likes. Facebook contends the information stayed on the Huawei phones and not the companies servers.






Judge Says Citation Needed on Climate Claims

climate pic

Administer Pruitt of the Environmental Protection Agency has been told to release his documents which go against scientific evidence shared by the very same department before President Trump and hisadministration took office. A group named Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the EPA for the documents in question. The EPA stalled and did not turn over the information.

On Tuesday, US District Court Judge for the District of Columbia put forth a memo saying the documents must be provided by July 11, and if the documents ask for cannot be provided, an explanation must take their place.

The EPA contended the request was “overly broad” and that the request would be a burden. They explained to the court the FOIA request “would require EPA to spend countless hours researching and analyzing a vast trove of material on the effect of human activity on climate change.”

Judge Howell had none of it.


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