Two Volcanoes, an Illegal Alien, and N. Ireland…OH MY!!!

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Two Housing Tracts Fall to Kilauea

Hawaii pic

The Kopoho Beach Lots and Vacationland subdivisions were destroyed by the creeping lava flow from Kilauea. This means the volcano has brought low close to 350 total structures since its eruption 35 days ago. The river of rock is 10 to 15 feet (3 to 4.6 meters) tall and is still flowing. The volcano destroyed 215 structures during its last cycle in 1983.

Wendy Stovall, a vulcanologist, has said, “…there’s no evidence of any properties there at all.” She went on to say there were “just a few homes” left in Kapoho Beach. The two communities were known as quiet vacation spots in Kapoho Bay.

On Sunday, those that elected to stay were airlifted by helicopter to safety. Since Monday, Kilauea’s lava has consumed close to 8 square miles of land, and has been the source of 9,900 earthquakes, ten times the monthly average.




Illegal Immigrant Arrested Delivering to Military Base

immigrant pic

Ecuadorean Pablo Villavicencio was arrested after delivering a pizza to Fort Hamilton in South Brooklyn yesterday.

“I have been there before and always go in and never have any problems, they actually know me…”Pablo was quoted as saying. He went to say, “Last Friday there was a different security guard and he told me I needed to go get another pass to enter.” He states he was also questioned about his lack of owning a Social Security card. He was told to wait. A spokesman for Fort Hamilton said at around 11 AM “an individual attempted to gain access to Fort Hamilton to make a delivery without valid Department of Defense identification. The person was directed to the Visitor Control Center to obtain a daily pass. Upon signing a waiver permitting a background check, Department of the Army Access Control standard for all visitors, and active Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant was discovered on file.”

This prompted the arrest of Villavicencio.

What has also been observed is the habit of the media to pull on the heartstrings of people by interviewing the wife, who said he had filed for a green card in February, which means he has been in the country illegally before the arrest. It takes approximately six months from the time of application to obtain an approval for a green card.




Guatemala: Weather and Danger Hampers Search

guatemala pic

Rain and continuing volcanic activity are slowing the search and rescue effort in the areas that have been affected the most. A downpour Wednesday had teams retreat in case of mudslides. Boiling water was seen flowing from Volcano Fuego after flows of super-heated flows hampered searches.

The death toll has risen to 99 while an estimated 197 people are still listed as missing due to Guatemala’s National Institute of Forensic Sciences. The country’s seismology and volcanology institute has stated there were new flows coming down from the canyons on Fuego’s western slope.





Supreme Court Dismisses NI Abortion Law

abortion pic

Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission has their appeal dismissed in regards to the abortion law. The 1967 Abortion Act does not affect the heavily Catholic Northern Ireland. At present, the only way a woman can have an abortion in that part of Ireland is if there is a risk to the woman’s life and excludes rape or fetal defects that could lead to the death of the child.

Though the dismissal says the government is not obligated to change the law, seven of the judges agreed it must be reformed.






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