DOJ v Religious Discrimination, German Ricin Attack Thwarted, Pompeo on Singapore, and More!


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DOJ Targets Religious Discrimination

justice dep pic

The Justice Department stated Wednesday it will work harder to bring lawsuits to multiplicities that show tendencies to discriminate against houses of worship. This comes on the heels of a case filed against Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey. The case accuses the town of illegally denying zoning approval to an Orthodox Jewish congregation wanting to build a synagogue.

As to be predicted, civil rights groups are scrutinizing his focus on religious liberty could open the doors for discrimination against the LGBT community. The Department of Justice headed by Sessions has championed this cause before when they backed anti-abortion centers in California over a state law that stated women can receive state-funded abortions. This is the same memo that was the legal basis to attempt to block Obama era ACA requirements for covering birth control.

The new initiative seeks to bring more cases against towns who use zoning laws to block religious buildings, which includes expansions of the buildings.

This may prove to be a daunting task for the Justice Department.



German Prosecutors Thwart Ricin Attack

germany pic

German Prosecutors have stopped a Tunisian, Sief Allah, from launching a Ricin attack on the country, but no location for the attack. The prosecutors say the suspect is an Islamic extremist, but they do not have any evidence of terrorist ties. An online search revealed Allah was purchasing the materials needed to make the toxin.

They had no comment on a Bild newspaper report they were tipped off by American intelligence.





Pompeo: No Denuclearization, No Sanctions Lifting

pompeo pic

After a vague, yet promising, agreement was reached in Singapore, President Donald Trump declared America can “Sleep well tonight”. The problem is the meeting had no specifics on how any of the agreed upon entries would be enacted.

Where the President claimed what was done was a diplomatic breakthrough, Secretary of State Pompeo is more reserved in his reactions to the talks. He says North Korea needs to take “major” steps within the next two years to disarm and dismantle their nuclear program.

He also went against Trump’s promise to end the “war games” with South Korea if the North stops its good-faith negotiations. It was admitted that the meeting in Singapore did reduce tensions, a marked change from the war of words between Trump and Kim last year. This was the first type of meeting since the cease fire in 1953, which had both sides without a peace treaty.

The four points agreed upon opened the floor to more negotiations which will continue “in the next week or so” according to Pompeo.

A vague agreement like this has its critics, but Pompeo has been quoted as saying, “We have big teams ready to go. We’re prepared to execute this once we’re in a position that was can actually get to a place where we can do it.”



Daniels-No Challenge of Forged Signatures

bice pic

In a story out of Wisconsin and submitted by Goddess Bree, assembly candidate Charisse Daniels not only missed the deadline for a written response in regards to allegations of submitting forged signatures on nomination papers to be on the ballot this fall.

This failure to respond has now lead to Daniels facing a Watertown Police investigation on the charges of forgery. The Democratic candidate collected 201 signatures on her nomination papers, one more than needed to submit her name. However, 22 affidavits have been received from people who deny ever signing the papers. Other problems include a signature tied to an empty lot for an address.

The only statement from her lawyer was, “We expect that this issue will be solved and my client is looking forward to facing the voters on the ballot this fall.”

The Republican party filed the complaint, and the spokesman had this to say, “It’s no surprise she’s conceding after over 20 Wisconsinites signed affidavits saying she forged their information.”



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