Eid Ends in Suicide Bomb, Merkel v CSU, taxi Driver wounds 8 and More!

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Eid Cease Fire Succumbs to Suicide Bombing

Taliban pic

Imagine a June 15 in Kabul where where Taliban members handed their weapons over as they entered the province to observe Eid, the festival that marks the end of Ramadan. Now, imagine them hugging, talking, laughing, and taking selfies with the people in the city as the celebration starts. This was the scene described by many when the Taliban agreed to a cease fire during Eid on Friday.

However, the next day, a suicide bomber blew himself up and claimed the lives of 25 people and wounded at least 54 others. The Islamic State is claiming responsibility. It is not clear how may Taliban members were also killed or wounded in the attack.

President Ashraf Ghani urges the Taliban to extend the cease fire to “…provide medical assistance to the wounded Taliban.” He also went on to say Kabul would “…provide them any humanitarian assistance if needed. Taliban prisoners will also be allowed to contact and see their families.”

Not all Taliban were happy with the way its members acted in Kabul. Haibatullah Akhunzada, the supreme leader of the Taliban, was quoted by Reuters as saying, “Last night, an emergency meeting was call and all the commanders were informed and directed to take strict disciplinary action against all those Taliban members who visited citizens and took pictures with the Afghan authorities.”

Further reports to date of Ghani’s proposal to extend the cease fire have been declined by the Taliban.

Pakistan had wanted the cease fire to include the US and other foreign troops, but the commander did not agree.

The cease fire was to end June 19 in Kabul.
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Merkel Faces Threats to “Open Door” Policy

merkel pic

The sister party to Merkel’s conservative Christian Democratic Union, the Christian Social Union party, which is lead by Minister Horst Seehofer who is calling for turning back migrants coming to Germany, migrants registered as asylum-seekers in other European countries, is challenging Merkel. Merkel says the unilateral actions being put forth would weaken the EU by reversing her “open door” policy and fears it would also undermine her authority.

Seehofer wants the right turn away migrants from Germany and also put emphasis on wanting a European solution for the migrant issue. He also went on to say the agreement had to guarantee protections to EU’s external borders.

If no agreement has been reached by the end of the EU summit, which is from June 28 to June 29, the German police will start to turn away migrants registered in other member states in the Union. Though there is word in the media that Seehofer will try to topple Merkel, the Minister said, “No one in the CSU has an interest in bringing down the chancellor, dissolving the CDU-CSU joint parliamentary group, or blowing up the coalition. We want to finally have a solution for turning back refugees at our borders.”
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Russian Taxi Driver Wounds 8 and Leaves the Scene

taxi pic

On Saturday, a taxi driver in Moscow was recorded as he approached a line of cars and then veered onto the sidewalk, hitting pedestrians and a traffic sign. Bystanders tried their best to intervene by trying to extract the driver from the taxi, but he was able to break away.

Though the driver, a 28-yr-old Kyrgystani, had initially said the incident was an accident, later changed his statement and said he left the scene for fear of the crowd hurting him.

It has since come to light the taxi driver had been behind the wheel for 20 hours before in the incident happened. The police are investigating the driver. The incident happened close to the Red Square in the middle of Moscow.
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Columbia’s President Wants Unity

duque pic

President-elect Ivan Duque called for unity after a win from a run-off election. Duque, an apprentice of sorts of the former president, was elected Sunday with 54% of the vote, finishing 12 points ahead of Gustavo Petro, a former guerrilla fighter. Duque formally takes his place in August. He promised the Columbian people he would work to heal schisms and work according to the will of the Columbian people and also made a commitment to attack corruption as well as address the cocaine production, which he calls a national security threat.

Duque has a long road ahead of him in regards to an accord which lets rebels avoid jail. His promise to deliver “peace with justice” by either constitutional reform or decree may cause waves, seeing how he does not want ex-combatants who committed human rights abuses to be able to hold any political office unless they confess and pay reparations to the victims for their war crimes.

17 Dead at Venezuela Night Club


Early Saturday morning as a little more than 500 young adults were celebrating school graduations, someone set off a tear gas canister. The canister going off led to a stampede of people trying to get away from the gas, which lead to 17 deaths and five wounded.

An autopsy student states 11 of the 17 died of suffocation and that three out of the five wounded were minors.

At this time, there are mixed reports as to what led to the tear gas being thrown in the club, with one report stating the gas was thrown during a fight that broke out in the club. Interior Minister Reverol has said there have been seven people detained in relation to the incident and that the investigation is ongoing.

Ages of the victims range from 16-20, reports a journalist at La Patilla, a news site.
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New Jersey Art Festival Shooting Due to Rival Groups

jersey pic

There are three suspected gunmen who are in custody following a shoot out and the “Art All Night” Festival in Trenton, New Jersey, leaving one suspect dead, and 22 wounded. Two of the suspects have been named, and the identity of the third has not been disclosed.

Governor Phil Murphy stated after the incident, “Art All Night is a time when we all come together. We cannot let gun violence tear us apart. These are the most important times to talk about gun policy.”


The newspaper, The Trentonian, reported the fight which started the shooting was due to a rivalry between to groups. They went on to say the “law enforcement sources” stated there was a social media post warning people of gunfire at the event.

The remainder of the event has been cancelled.
The cause of the fight was confirmed by CNN as being gang-related.
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