SCOTUS Upholds Travel Ban. Marijuana Being Rescheduled? Twitter’s New Tools AND More!

This is the edited transcript for The Morning Brew for June 27, 2018.
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Quick News

Oklahoma Voters Say “Yes” to Medical Marijuana


On Tuesday, OK voters voted to make medical marijuana legal despite a push-back campaign on the issue by law enforcement, business, faith, and political leaders. State Question 788 was started more than two years ago and now makes it legal to grow, sell, and use marijuana for medical purposes. A two-year license would let a person possess up to 8 ounces, six mature plants and six seedlings. This law also allows for edibles, extracts, and other concentrated forms of the herb.

Prince William Meets Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas

In a developing story, Prince William has traveled to the West Bank to meet with President Abbas in the West Bank city of Ramallah. He had previously visited Prime Minister Netanyahu on Tuesday. This is first official British royal visit to both Israel and Palestine.

Australian Police Confirm Hate Killings

In an ongoing investigation of cold cases between 1976 and 2000, police in Australia have been able to confirm that 27 murders committed during that time frame were, in fact, hate crimes targeting homosexual men. A New South Wales police task force has reviewed 86 cases in the past three years at the prompting of the Australian Institute of Criminology who had questioned whether the cases in question had been investigated enough. Hate crimes have been ruled out of 34 deaths, but the task force has said it has proven difficult to find solid motives for cases this old.

SCOTUS Upholds Travel Ban

In a 5-4 vote the Justices upheld the President’s Executive Order travel ban on North Korea, Libya, Iran, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen. Chad was on the order but was later taken off. This is the same order that was blocked by the circuit courts in Maryland and Hawaii. Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. wrote, “Plaintiffs allege that the primary purpose of the [travel ban] was religious animus and that the president’s stated concerns about vetting protocols and national security were but pretexts for discriminating against Muslims. At the heart of their case is a series of statements by the president and his advisers both during the campaign and since the president assumed office. The issue, however, is not whether to denounce the president’s statements, but the significance of those statements in reviewing a presidential directive, neutral on its face, addressing a matter within the core of executive responsibility.”

However, staying true to form, Justice Sotomayor had this to say, “Based on the evidence in this record, a reasonable observer would conclude the proclamation was motivated by anti-Muslin animus.” She further went on to say the majority who voted for the ban to upheld was “Turning a blind eye to the pain and suffering the proclamation inflicts upon countless families and individuals, many of whom are United States citizens.”

It is clear she was still judging the travel ban on what President has said in the past and not what was written on the Executive Order, which was the same issue that was pointed out when the Maryland and Hawaiian Circuit Judges called for a block on the Order. This is the third iteration of the travel ban. In December, the Justices issued an order that set aside the lower court rulings and allowed the ban to persist.

Federal Judge Stops Splitting of Families at Border
fed judge pic

A nationwide injunction was issued by a federal judge in California to stop the Trump administration from splitting children from their parents at the border. It goes on to say that the families must be reunited within 30 days. Judge Dana M. Sabraw stated the children under 5 have to be united with their parents within 14 days, and went on to order, that during the next 10 days, the children must be allowed to speak to their children.

This is on the heels of the upholding of the travel ban and could also spark a battle with the Justice Department. The ACLU placed a lawsuit to halt the separations before President Trump issued the executive order that goes against Reno v Flores.

Judge Sabraw also said that parents should not be deported without their children, “the facts set forth before the court portray reactive governance-responses to address a chaotic circumstance of the government’s own making. They belie measured and ordered governance, which is central to the concept of due process enshrined in our Constitution. This is particularly so in the treatment of migrants, many of whon are asylum seekers and small children.”

The lead lawyer in the case brought forth by the ACLU is touting the ruling as a huge win and praised the judge’s order.

The Trump Administration is reeling from the criticisms of the left after he implemented his “zero tolerance” policy. This is the same group of politicians who remained silent when both Obama and Clinton did the same.

A problem has arisen with the reunification process, however. The Secretary for Health and Human Services, Alex M. Azir II has stated “the child has independent rights” and that “…when a parent is deported, that they ask the child to remain separate and remain in this country.” His department is currently holding 2,047 separated children. The administration is determined to reunite as many families as possible.

FDA Announces the First Prescription for Marijuana-Based Medication

FDA pic

Submitted by Goddess Bree

Epidiotex, a prescription medication manufactured by the London pharmaceutical company GW Pharmaceuticals plc, has been approved by the FDA. The medication will be used to treat Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet Syndrome, two severs forms of epilepsy. The significance of the approval of the drug is due to the major component of the medication, cannabidiol (CBD), the chemical component of Marijuana which does not induce a euphoric state nor does it cause intoxicated effects. This will open the door to more marijuana related research and, some hope, more medications derived from the herb. Many hope this will lift the heavy restrictions placed on its research.

This has forced the DEA’s hand in reclassifying the herb, which will take it out of its schedule I classification. Schedule I controlled substances include narcotics such as heroin and cocaine and are labeled as having “no currently accepted medical use”.

Though the DEA has not responded to requests for comments, it is expected the department will reschedule Marijuana within the next 90 days.

GOP to Vote on Immigration Bill with Major Changes

In an ongoing battle to reform immigration, a bill destined for the House floor today will not have two provisions the GOP were hoping for:

-Electronic checking on immigration status on workers, and

-an overhaul on guest workers for agriculture.

The changes were not enough to win the votes needed for the provisions to stay in the bill, a bill that was up for a vote last week but was postponed.

A different immigration bill highly favored by the GOP last week failed on the floor.

The focus has turned to keeping alien families together, which would prevent indefinite detentions. The House bill will try to address the issue of familial reunification while at the same time providing money for President Trump’s border wall on the US-Mexico border. It will also seek to narrow the requirements for asylum seekers, get rid of the diversity green card lottery system, and also have a provision to prevent minors from being brought to the United States illegally to apply for legal status.

Though some are calling the bill a “great consensus bill” other doubt it will pass the House vote scheduled for today.

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