Thai Cave Update. Who Is Kavanaugh? Cali Lawsuit, and more!!!

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Quick News

Everyone Rescued From Thai Cave

thai pic

The Navy SEALs released a statement confirming the 12 boys of the soccer team and their coach have been rescued from Tham Luang cave. The eight boys brought out the past two days are in good overall health and even asked for chocolate bread for breakfast. Two of the boys had been quarantined for fear of infection, but the initial group of rescued boys are up and walking around their hospital beds.


California Gets Granted Dismissal of US Sanctuary City Suit


The bulk of a lawsuit by the Trump administration in regards to sanctuary city laws has been blocked by a federal judge in Sacramento. Judge John Mendez sided with California’s request to toss out the government’s grievance that the state is trying to skirt around federal authority by implementing it’s own regulations for cooperation with ICE agents.

The United States has been kept from amending filings to the district court. If an appeal is made, it must be done through the Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco.

South Korea Skips Military Maneuvers as Talks with N. Korea Continue

N korea

The Ulchi exercises, a join drill with the United States and South Korea have been officially suspended in the wake of the summit between the U.S. and North Korea. Seoul’s presidential office said it suspended the drill in support of the summit. South Korea has said they would come up with a new model for drills that would include not only Ulchi but the existing Taeguk as well.

Suicide Bomb Kills 10

Suicide bomb

The explosives went off close to a petroleum station, which cause a fire, at least 10 people. No group has come forward to take credit for the bombing.

More On the Supreme Court Nominee

supreme pic

With the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh made official, it’s time to dig deeper into who might be the next Justice to fill a seat in the highest court of the land.

First he hit the ground running when the nomination was made final by mentioning female influences in his life, his wife, mother, daughters, and female law clerks.

Judge Kavanaugh currently serves on the United States Court of Appeals for the DC District. He served under Former President George W. Bush as his White House Staff Secretary. He took the lead in the Starr Report, which pressed for the impeachment of Former President Bill Clinton, which was triggered by the suicide of Clinton aide Vince Foster. In 2000, he was employed by the Bush campaign in the Florida recount (member hanging chads?).

He was accused of misleading information during his first confirmation hearing in 2007 in regards to any involvement he may have had in detention and interrogation policies after Sept. 11, allegations he denied.

Though he sees Roe v Wade a binding precedent, in the past he has favored some restrictions for abortion. In a statement he made in May, he was quoted as saying he “…would follow Roe v Wade faithfully and fully…” and the legality issue had already been settled by the Supreme Court.

He was not in favor of a ruling in November 2011 when the D.C Circuit upheld the ACA by arguing that the district court did not have jurisdiction to hear the case, and case that was decided the ACA did not violate the Constitution’s Origination Clause. He submitted a healthy dissent in denial.

He agreed that the Free Speech Clause did not stop the government from making meatpackers from including the places of origin on the products.

In regards to the EPA, he dissented again on the agencies regulation of greenhouse gas emissions.

he has more recently stated that Congress should make a law deferring legal actions on a President until after he/she has left office.

As can be expected, there are mixed feelings coming out of Congress.

Senator Collins is taking a “wait and see” approach to her vote:


Senator Warren has already made up her mind:


Source 2

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