DIY Guns? Immigration DNA Snag? AND MORE!!!

This is the transcript for the news segment on The Morning Brew for July 11, 2018. The show airs Monday-Friday at 10:30 AM EST.

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Quick News

Gas Main Causes Explosion in Wisconsin

wis pic

A contractor striking a natural gas main caused an explosion in a Wisconsin community on Tuesday, injuring two firefighters and a police officer.

They had responded to a reported gas leak and had started an evacuation when the explosion happened. Madison, Wisconsin, a community of 30,000 will be searched for a confirmed count, but as of this report, there have been no deaths confirmed.

Texas: Professors Try to Challenge Campus Carry Laws

In a case that was dismissed last year in Texas District Court due to the ruling of “no concrete evidence”, Jennifer Lynn Glass, Lisa Moore, and Mia Carter -three University of Texas Professors armed with an attorney- have approached the three panel 5th District Court of Appeals in New Orleans. The professors believe the case should not have been dismissed and say that allowing students to carry firearms on campus could discourage open academic discussion.
U.S District Judge in TX, Judge Lee Yeakel had said the dismissal was due to the fact their reasoning “is subjective and completely dependent of the acts of third parties.”

A judgement from the appellate judges is still pending.

Legal Shift Allows DIY Guns

guns pic

Submitted by Arthur-Rhetorical Entertainment

It all started five years ago with Cody Wilson, a 3-D printer, and a gun blueprint. Cody, a libertarian-anarchist, printed a fully functional 3-D gun and test-fired it on a gun range in Texas. It fired a .380 round without jamming or exploding. He then uploaded the blueprints to his website The gun was downloaded 100,000 times, which spurred him to drop out of law school and further his new business.

About a week later, the State Department sent him a letter, a warning actually.

…take down the printable gun blueprints or face prosecution for violating federal export controls.

Unbeknownst to Cody, there was an obscure regulation called the International Trade in Arms Regulation, and he was being accused of exporting weapons without a license. This meant the blueprints were being treated as if he was actually packaging and shipping weapons to Mexico. He had complied by taking his website down, but even having the blueprint for sale for a scant few days could have him seeing millions in fines and years in prison.

He spent the next few years taking the law to court, an unlikely turn of events for an anarchist, to say the least. By doing this, he set a new precedent. He not only made it possible for him to own his gunsmithing project, he may have just thrown a monkey wrench in gun control laws in the US and maybe even the world as a whole.

What was the ruling two months ago?

The DoJ had offered Wilson a settlement if he dropped the lawsuit, but Cody and his co-defendants proceeded on his free speech claim, stating that keeping him from posting the blueprints infringed on his free speech rights and his right to bear arms. By doing this, he may have possibly blurred the lines between the Second and First Amendments.

He had explained it to Wired in 2015 like this, “If code is speech, the constitutional contradictions are evident. So what if the code is a gun?”

The DoJ promises to change the export rules surrounding firearms under .50 caliber and rare gun designs that use caseless ammunition. This gives Cody a unique license to publish his blueprints and data on his gun designs to any site he wishes.

DNA Testing to Reunite Families Hit Snag?

DNA pic

DNA testing is one of the most effective ways to determine parentage, but what happens if the results are a surprise to even the parents of the child? Officials have reported this was the case in two situations out of 101 DNA tests administered to children under 5 years of age. A federal judge in California said the testing should be limited to only cases where the relationship between parent and child cannot be established through documents like birth certificates and passports.

The other problem arising is how to handle the situation when the parents are caught unaware that they are not the biological parents, scenarios where they know they are the adopted parents, and other possible situations that may arise due to the DNA testing. Though many are still torn on the speed of the reunifications, all are in agreement on one thing, there has to be a counselor present in the cases where the DNA does not match the parents and it is a clear case of it not being a trafficking case.

The background checks that have already been done have revealed eight cases of serious criminal offenders and one substantiated case of child abuse. Meekins, a senior HHS official has stated, “Our process may not be as quick as some would like, but there is no question it is protecting children.”

Dana Sabraw, the judge who said DNA testing only in undocumented cases, also went on to say the testing should only be done with the parent’s consent, which flies in the face of the testing being done in the first place, and also that the samples taken should be immediately destroyed after the testing is done.

There are others that have stated it is not uncommon for people fleeing countries to agree to take the children of friends or family with them, which leads to testing coming back negative in terms of parentage. It has also been said, in many countries due to war, buildings where the records are kept were burned, making it virtually impossible to prove parentage.

Trump at NATO: Germany is Russian Captive?
trump pic


“We’re protecting Germany; we’re protecting France; we’re protecting all of these countries. And then numerous of the countries go out and make a pipeline deal with Russia where they’re paying billions of dollars into the coffers of Russia… I think that’s very appropriate.”

This line and a video of clip of President Trump saying have the internet ablaze. Why?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave backing to the Nord Stream Pipeline to import natural gas from Russia to the tune of $11 billion dollars, even though the deal garnered criticism from other EU governments. Berlin, however, is saying it is a private deal and no public money was used to close it. Trump has said that the dependence of the pipeline is due to the closure of coal and nuclear power plants in Germany, which has forced an increased dependence on Russia, much like other European countries.

Trump also went on to say, “We’re supposed to be guarding against Russia, and Germany goes out and pays billions of dollars a year to Russia.” He went on to repeatedly overstate the reliance of Germany on Russia’s resources.

This NATO meeting was already running with high tension due to President Trump’s insistence that other countries contribute more to the NATO coffers to ease the burden on US tax payers and his ongoing trade disputes.

Trump is set to meet Putin on Monday.

Here is the link to the YouTube Blog Post.

Until Next time,
Anissa “Maddy” Mathias

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