1955 Emmitt Till Case Reopened! A Ban on Plastic Straws? AND MORE!!!

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Quick News

Portland Oregon: 8 ICE Protesters Arrested


A van trying to leave an ICE facility encountered protesters locked arm-in-arm at the end of the driveway, keeping them from departing. Officers arrived on scene and asked them to leave, trying to move them and break the line. The protesters refused to move. Officers responded with pepper balls and tasers to move the protesters.

Though many protesters assert the officers used excessive force, the officials and officers working the facility said the protesters threw boards with nails in them and bottles with unidentified liquid in them at the facility and officers.
Source 1
Source 2

Papa John’s Founder Resigns

papa johns

First he blamed the NFL and the flag controversy on his falling sales, then in a conference call in May, he used a racial slur, the “n” word during a role playing exercise designed to prevent future public relations gaffs. John Schnatter, now former chairman of the Papa John’s board, allegedly said, “Colonel Sanders called blacks ‘n’.” He also went on to say Sanders never faced backlash for his comments.

The statement, on Schnatter’s behalf, released by Papa John’s states, “News reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to me during a medias training session regarding race are true. Regardless of the context, I apologize. Simply stated, racism has no place in our society.”

Case that Sparked Civil Rights Movement Reopened!

It’s 1955 in Money, Mississippi, August-to be exact. A 14-year-old boy was beaten, shot, and mutilated. That boy was Emmett Till, and he was killed because he was accused of flirting with a white woman. Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam were charged with Till’s murder, but tried before an all-white jury. They were acquitted, but new evidence in a book published in 2017, The Blood of Emmet Till, where a witness in the case-Carolyn Bryant Donham- admitted to lying while under oath, has caused the case to be reopened by the United States Government.

The Department of Justice holds an annual review of unsolved civil rights crimes and sent a report to Congress earlier this year, which included the Till case.

UK Releases Much Hated Brexit Plan
brexit pic

The document, which outlines the plan for the divorce from the EU was released Thursday. It outlines keeping a free market for goods with the European Union and a loose relationship for services. This have left many infuriated with May, saying it will limit Britain’s ability to make trade deals around the world. It caused the resignation of two key Brexiteers. One of the replacements, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab is saying the plans call for an “innovative and unprecedented economic partnership” with the EU.
Brexit Document

Straw Ban Puts the Disabled in a Tight Spot

Submitted by Justin in Live Chat

straw picPlastic straws, you can find them anywhere from convenience stores to every restaurant and fast food place across the US and the world, but what if I told you due to legislation and a growing movement to ban them and organizations like Jr. Ocean Guardians, they may be going the way of the dodo, putting many disabled in danger?

In an effort to save sea life, many companies and even a city, Seattle, have stopped giving out plastic straws, much to the detriment of those with disabilities which leave them unable to drink straight from the glass. Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, and other conditions like them often leave the person with the disability unable to hold a cup, leaving them helpless without a bendy straw or any straw at all. Yes, there are reusable straws they have grown accustomed to keeping on hand, but what happens when they leave the house in a rush with their caretaker and forget the straw at home? Plastic straw bans would make it impossible for the disabled to go anywhere if they forget their reusable.

Thought there are paper, biodegradable plastic, and even silicon alternatives, those that use straws as a necessity have tried those, often finding them hard to bite through or they fall apart easily. There are those who remember using rubber straws before the invention of plastic ones in the 50’s.

Bill Reeves, a caretaker for one such person who remembers the rubber straws says, They ended up being disgusting, hard to clean. The advent of plastic in the 1950’s changed her life.” He was referring to Dianne Laurine, the one whom he cares for.

Though some would assert straws make up a majority of the pollution of oceans, the only numbers I could find were not firm and ranged from 4-7%. That doesn’t seem like much when you compare it to the 17% share of the trash that plastic bottle caps claim.

Now, one would ask if there are exceptions to the law, and the answer to that would be “yes”, but already there are some who either don’t know about the exception or or don’t care to heed it. In Seattle someone contacted over a dozen McDonanld’s and Chipotle stores to ask them if they had the straws handy for people with allergies or disabilities and were told “no”.

Shaun Bickley, co-chair to the Seattle Commission for People with DisAbilities took to social media to answer the question of what disabled people did before plastic straws, “They aspirated liquid in their lungs, developed pneumonia and died.”

Dune Ives, the one who spearheaded #Stopsucking, considers straws a “gateway plastic” to the more serious proliferation of plastic in the oceans, and so far, her campaign has been translated into more than nine languages, and spans 40 countries, but will her movement place those in need of disposable straws in danger? Will her want to clean the ocean by starting with what she calls “gateway plastic”, have a long term effect on the disabled?
Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

Until Next Time,
Anissa “Maddy” Mathias

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