MGM Sues Victims, Parkland Update, Trump-Putin Summit, and More!!!

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Quick News

MGM Resorts Sues more than 1,000 Victims


What could be worse than going to an open air concert and having to run for life from a shooter and then trying to put your life back together?

Try getting sued by the company who owns the resort hotel from which the shooter was perched.

MGM resorts, owners of the Mandalay Bay and Route 91 Harvest Festival, has stated in a new lawsuit that they are not liable for any of the injuries or deaths that resulted of the mass shooting. They further state the security vendor was approved by the Department of Homeland Security for “protecting against and responding to acts of mass injury and destruction.”

They sued more than 1,000 victims of the attack, and are being accused of “judge-shopping” for a federal judge instead of handling the lawsuits in state court.

Parkland Update: Interrogation to be Kept Secret?

Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer heard another bevy of arguments from lawyers regarding the transcript and video of the hours-long interrogation of the Parkland High School Shooter. The lawyer for the shooter contends both should not be released to the media to prevent tainting of the jury pool, though due to Florida law, a good bit of the evidence is already public record including witness statements, police reports and cell phone videos made by the shooter detailing his plans.

Much of the interrogation is deemed “substance of a confession” and would not be able to be released due to the same state law, but the defense is arguing the release of any of it could sway any potential jurors.

A lawyer for a myriad of media groups including the Miami Herald has made the point that other high-profile cases had no problems finding jurors to fill seats without holding back records from the public.

Trump, Putin, the Summit, and the Aftermath

trump putin

July 16, 2018 was the day President Trump sat down with President Putin in Helsinki to discuss many issues in an attempt to strengthen ties between the two countries. The #TreasonSummit was trending and the vitriol and venom flew on Twitter, with many seeming to forget Clinton and Obama both sat down with Russian leaders to keep up relations, but then again, this is Trump, one of the most unpopular presidents in history.

So, what happened on Monday?

They discussed the interference, with Trump siding with Putin, even though there is evidence of Russia meddling in the election.

His statement,
“President Putin says it’s not Russia. I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

comes days after the indictment of 12 Russian intelligence agents who were found to have performed cyber attacks which ranged from phishing to money laundering against the DNC and also included breaking into elections boards. Putin extended his hand in helping to interrogate the officers that have been brought up on charges along side Meuller who is still leading the probe.

Putin was quoted as saying:
“We can make one more step forward – we can let official US representatives, including the representatives of Mr Meuller’s commission, to be present at these interrogations.”

Though it is clear that investigations of collusion have been biased against the President, him stating he believes President Putin directly contradicts the findings of the indictment. As expected, plenty of Congressmen took to Twitter:



Of course he also went on to say this, something the press isn’t including:




There was also a call for treason from Brennan:


Brennan, mind you, served in the Obama administration during the time 45 civilians were killed by drone strikes but said that drone tactics had not lead to any deaths. It was later revealed that drone strikes were being done against US citizens.

There was also a call for more sanctions on Russia by Toomey and he also stated Russia should lend a hand in bringing the hackers to justice. However, he uttered no proposals on how to do either.

On the way back from Helsinki, the president had this to tweet:


Is this an attempt to smooth over his gaff? He talks about not focusing on the past, but what is he referring to here? The indictment? The past accusations of collusion?

Though there is a lot of hyperbole in the statements, I would have to say, if he knew of the indictment before leaving for Russia, or he received information on the way there, putting more faith in Putin’s statement than the findings and indictments shows a great lack of faith in the Department of Justice and the intelligence community. I will admit the ongoing investigations and probes are a waste of time, have proven no links to Trump and have even been bias, there have been people indicted and President Trump needed to address that with Putin. He missed an opportunity.

The next discussion on the table was Crimea, another bone of contention. When the question of declaring Crimea officially a part of Russia came up at the summit, President Trump merely said, “We’ll see what happens.”

Putin responded with, “We conducted a referendum in strict accordance with the international law with the United Nations chapter. For us, for the Russian Federation, the issues is solved.”

Ukraine was disappointed in Trump’s silence, but a quote from a Ukrainian political analyst shows a bit of understanding:

“I am not surprised. One could not expect an exacerbation considering the complexity of problems between Russia and the USA.” -Igor Solovey, magazine.

The Business Insider, one of the sources for this article asked a couple of in the law field if there were grounds for treason in what Trump did, and they were told that first a clear war must be defined before the word is thrown around and second though they see no treason, there may be other legal problems that may arise.

What I have observed is that President Trump is doing what other Presidents who have visited and talked with President Putin have done, tested the waters, opened dialogue, and is trying to improve relations between the two countries. I also see a witch hunt and people trying to assert the president is working with Putin to bring down the Unites States, all because there is someone in the highest seat of the country they didn’t want there.

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Until Next Time,
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