Deadline for Reunification Looms. MGM Lawsuit Update. Duck Boat Investigation and More!


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Quick News

Deadline Looms to Reunite Children


As the July 26, 2018 deadline to unite illegal alien children with their parents is two days away, there have been a total of 879 families reunited. The problem with this is 463 parents have been deported without their children with no foreseeable plans to rectify this incident.

It was Judge Dana Sabraw who placed the deadline on the government, but as was already stated the government may not be able to meet this deadline due to DNA testing for parental verification, andscreenings for neglectful or abusive parents.

Now, it seems Justice Sabraw may be considering a request from the ACLU that will put removal orders on hold, keeping the illegals from being deported.

Las Vegas Victims Enraged at MGM Lawsuit

Some of the Las Vegas victims and loved ones came forward to hold a press conference to voice their disgust at the lawsuit MGM has filed against them. They say it is forcing them to relive the event over in their minds.

MGM has recently released security camera footage of the moments before the shooting showing the shooter playing on machines, tipping staff, and acting normal, despite the multiple suitcases he kept bringing into the hotel and casino.

MGM is not seeking money. It is seeking a federal court’s declaration that it is not liable to the victims or the relatives killed in the horrific event.

A statement released on twitter reads:

“We have filed what is known as an action for declaratory relief. All we are doing, in effect, is asking for a change in venue from state to federal court. We are not asking for money or attorney’s fees. We only want to resolve these cases quickly, fairly, and efficiently.”

Wildfire in Greece Claims 50
greek pic

In one of the deadliest fire seasons to hit Greece in more than ten years, 50 lives were claimed and 156 adults and children were being treated in hospitals for burns and other injuries related to the fires.

There are more than ten fires in Greece, with one of the largest ones being 20 miles northeast of Athens and another large one 30 miles west of the capital in Kineta.

The flames quickly grew out of control with gale-force winds fueling them, making them spread to seaside towns. The rate of the spreading fires was too rapid for many to flee.

In total, 47 brush and forest fires have started across Greece Monday.

Australia: Eyeliner “Poisoned Children”

The New South Wales state government has published an alert on Pakistan-made Hashmi brand products after three children have fallen  ill after using the brand’s eyeliner. The kohl was found to have 84% lead as well as high levels of arsenic, cadmium, chromium, and mercury.

The company stated on their packages that the products contained no lead.

Australians have been advised to stop purchasing the goods made by the company.

Duck Boat Investigation Ongoing

On July 22, 2018, 17 people were killed and many more were wounded in Branson, MO, when a thunderstorm sporting up to 60 MPH winds sunk a duck boat, an amphibious vehicle used for water tours.

The boat was raised from 80 foot-deep waters, where it was drained and now awaits final scrutiny from the NTSB.

There is a lawmaker that is taking a deeper look into the regulations that surround duck boats in an effort to prevent a future tragedy. This was on the heels of the Coast Guard’s announcement that they will be investigating whether the boat’s captain broke federal rules by going onto the lake with a thunderstorm rolling in.

Witnesses have stated that the lake was calm and that the storm suddenly appeared, but Coast Guard Lt. Tasha Sadowicz  says investigators will determine if the weather was being watched the way it should have been, which could have prevented the incident in the first place.

Another issue being brought forth is the loophole with duck boats that do NOT require children ages 7 and under to wear a life vest. Even though Missouri law requires this stipulation for all boats, duck boats are exempt.

Toronto: Shooter Was Mentally Ill
toronto pic

July 22, 2018 Toronto’s Greektown saw tragedy as 13 were wounded and 2 died when Faisal Hussain, 29, discharged a handgun into restaurants and cafes. The shooter is dead, but it has not been determined if the fatal gunshot was self inflicted or if the shooter was felled by police. Police Chief Mark Saunders is hesitant to disclose a motive, but is not willing to rule out terrorism.

The family says the shooter suffered from depression and psychosis and that they were trying different methods and medications, none of which seemed to be effective:
”While we did our best to seek help for him throughout his life of struggle and pain, we could never imagine that this would be his devastating and destructive end.”-The Hussain family.

A portion of the video filmed by someone at the scene shows a man in black attire walking with quick steps down a sidewalk and discharging three rounds into at least one shop or restaurant. Other witnesses heard a bevy of shots fired into the residential area which included Greek cafes and eateries.

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