Impeachment for Rosenstein? Cambodia Election Woes, CNN Reporter Barred From White House Event and more…


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Quick News

U.S. State Dept.: Don’t End Temporary Protection for Immigrants

border pic

Last October, the U.S. State Department cautioned the Trump administration, stating lifting temporary protection for immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua could make gang violence and the drug trade worse. Thus was the warning Wednesday in released documents.

Sen. Robert Menendez, Senior Democrat- Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was the one who released the documents, asserting that forcing U.S. citizen children to return to the aforementioned countries with their parents would expose the children to the prevalent violence there.

It was Rex Tillerson, now-ex Secretary of State, wrote that Central American countries were no longer eligible for the designation of Temporary Protected Status due to improved conditions after natural disasters.

It was January of this year when President Trump’s administration announced the protection status will end Sept. 9, 2019. This will give about 200k El Salvadorans 18 months to either leave or seek legal citizenship.

Tariffs Hitting Consumers via Higher Prices

tariffs head

The American Enterprise Institute President, Arthur C. Brooks, says it’s bad for everybody. The tariffs placed on the industrial materials have car manufacturers facing higher costs.

Economists are estimating the $200k B that is speculated to be levied against Chinese goods, raising the prices of said goods. If there is no progress made in the talks, consumers could see a hike in prices for furniture, air conditioning and vacuum cleaners when tariffs up to 10% are imposed.

Omair Sharif, SocGen economist, has estimated a .45 rise in the consumer pricing index; however, this excludes commodities, like food and energy.

The most recent rise in the index was 2.3 percent, which translated to a 20% hike.

Man Detonates Device Outside US Embassy in Beijing

Jiang, a young man of 26, exploded a small homemade bomb outside the US Embassy in Beijing, injuring himself. Photos depicted large amounts of smoke, leading to police vehicle surrounding the embassy.

Despite the increased security presence, by early afternoon, it was business as usual.

No motive has been stated as to why he did it. Neither the police nor the embassy have released statements at this time.

CNN Reporter Barred From WH Event
WH 2

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins has been barred from an open media event after her questions were ignored at an earlier event that day. The event in question was a pool spray, or opportunity for the press to take pictures or video of an arriving guest or dignitary to the White House, an event where the President only sometimes answers questions from the press.

The arrival was Jean-Claude Junker, where both men were to make an announcement in the Rose Garden later in the day.

Collins tried to ask questions about the newly released tape in which Cohen is heard talking about payments, supposedly about the Playboy model President Trump denies having sex with.

“Did Cohen betray you, Mr. President?” was one of the questions she asked that was ignored by the president, and upon being ignored, she followed up with, “Are you worried about what Michael Cohen is going to say to prosecutors?”

According to CNN, Sanders and Shine stated Collins’ questions were “inappropriate”.

The White House went on to say that CNN is not barred from the Rose Garden press conference, but Collins is not allowed.

Journalists from both sides of the political spectrum have come out to voice their distaste of the action, saying it’s an affront to the First Amendment.

Global Scrutiny Sought in Regards to Cambodia’s Political Crackdown
camobodia pic

Kem Monovithya was in Switzerland when she received a call from her father who telling her about the raid on their and his arrest and charges of treason for leading the Cambodia’s main political opposition party. The Cambodian government has also been instrumental in shutting down news outlets, and forced hundreds of Cambodian politicians, human rights activists, and journalists into exile in the United States, Australia, Thailand, and other places abroad.

The Cambodian People’s Party, Prime Minister Hun Sen’s ruling party, over the last two years has increased its raids and crackdowns on oppositions politicians as the Sunday elections have gotten closer. The prime minister, who has been in power for 30 years, promised he would “eliminate 100 to 200 people” to maintain the nation’s security and even went so far as to tell his opponents to “prepare coffins”.

This has not deterred Kem or others who are determined to keep the opposing party, the Cambodia National Rescue Party, alive abroad, by imploring the EU, the US, and other nations to impose embargoes on international travel by the top officials. They are also calling for a boycott of Sunday’s elections and are using social media to convince Cambodians to embrace a “Clean finger campaign”, meaning not to dip their fingers in ink after casting their ballots.

The National Election Committee has told the public anyone boycotting the election will face criminal charges.

To date, the government has shut down 20 radio channels and taken into custody two former reporters with Radio Free Asia, which is US backed. Their charges stating they supplying a “foreign state with information which undermines national defense.” The government goes on to say the journalists, opposition leaders, and community activists are in league with the U.S. and other “superpowers” to topple the government.

Impeachment Articles Filed Against Rosenstein
rosenstein pic

In a new move led by Republican Mark Meadows from North Carolina, 11 House conservatives introduced articles of impeachment against Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who is currently overseeing Mueller’s Russia investigation.

The articles were brought forth Wednesday and charge Rosenstein with “high treason and misdemeanors” due to failing to provide information to the House Judiciary and House Oversight and Government Reform Committees that was subpoenaed, even though over 800,000 pages have been turned over to date.

They are also alleging he “repeatedly failed to produce documents” that were requested by the committees in question in regards to the 2016 election and that he also tried to “conceal certain facts” by redacting the documents requested.

Republicans have stated the FBI and DOJ have failed to provide all the documents requested having to do with Hillary Clinton’s email server during her tenure as Secretary of State. They are also criticizing the FBI’s decision of launching the investigation into the Russian interference.

When questioned, Trey Gowdy, the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said, “Impeachment is a punishment, it’s not a remedy. If you are looking for documents, then you want complaince, and you want whatever moves you to toward compliance.”

Gowdy also stated his satisfaction with the DOJ’s efforts and House Speaker Ryan agrees. Other republican leaders have stated their satisfaction with the progress as well.

The Democrats called the move in a joint statement a “panicked and dangerous attempt to undermine an ongoing criminal investigation in an effort to protect President Trump as the walls are closing in around him and his associates.”

To date, the special counsel has charged 32 people and three companies, including four Trump campaign advisors and 12 Russian intelligence officers.

The DOJ responded by saying the subpoenas have either been fulfilled or they are coming close to meeting them. One official of the DOJ said, while the requests are historically high, they are in the process of filling all requests.
Source 2

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