5 Arrested in Amite, LA after Abusing Disabled Relative

This is the transcript of the Louisiana story on The Morning Brew for July 31, 2018. If you wish to see a video clip of the reporting, click here:

LA abuse case

(Be warned, our editor, Merlin, wrote the piece and he refers to the indicted in very “colorful” ways. )

ashes pic

Five Louisiana residents were indicted Thursday in federal court on charges they held a 22-year-old relative with autism captive in a cage and subjected her to horrific abuse – including forcing her to eat her dead mother’s ashes.  Amite residents (once again I refuse to name these cuck muffins for being such douchebags they don’t deserve to be acknowledged by name) are each charged with conspiring to obtain the forced labor of the victim, identified in court records only as D.P., the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana announced Thursday. They are also each charged with one count of forced labor and one count of using force and threats of force to interfere with the victim’s federal Fair Housing Act rights, which she has because of her disability. According to the U.S. attorney’s office, 2 of these cuck muffins are also charged with one count of attempted sex trafficking of the victim, and King cuck muffin is charged with a hate crime for allegedly shooting D.P. with a BB gun because of her disability, as well as one count of theft of government funds for stealing the victim’s federal disability benefits.

The federal indictment against the defendants lays out the horrific nature of the charges against them. The court document alleges that D.P. and the defendants were living with D.P.’s mother in Kentwood until Aug. 12, 2015, when D.P.’s mother died. The next day, the defendants took D.P. and moved to a mobile home in Amite. That same day, one of the cuck muffins applied to and became the payee for D.P.’s Social Security benefits, which she had received since 1997 due to her disabilities. Between Aug. 13, 2015, and June 30, 2016, cuck muffin received $8,796 in benefits on D.P.’s behalf, the indictment says. In that same time frame, the other two cuck muffins conspired to force D.P. to work around the house through threats, physical restraint and abuse, the document says. “As the conspiracy progressed, during the spring of 2016 and up until June 30, 2016, the defendants physically restrained D.P. by locking her in a backyard cage to maintain control over her and to prevent her from escaping,” the indictment reads. Much of the abuse against the victim appears to have been directed by the Queen cuck muffin According to the indictment, the abuse they are accused of subjecting D.P. to includes:

* Forcing D.P. to complete housework and yardwork in exchange for food and water.

* Moving D.P. from a mattress on the floor of the home to a tent in the backyard.

* Obtaining a lock and using it to lock the tent’s zippers shut at night. When D.P. escaped from the tent one night and tried to flee the property, Queen douche nozzle threatened to kill her if she tried it again.

* Following D.P.’s escape attempt, moving the tent to a shed that could be locked with a padlock. Rectal aperture locked D.P. inside the shed each night.

* Building a cage in the backyard for D.P. at Rectal aperture’s direction. The cage was designed like an animal pen, constructed of chicken wire and a plastic tarp as a roof.

* Cutting tree branches and using them to hide the cage from sight.

* Forcing D.P. to sleep in a tent inside the cage at night, and forcing her to use a bucket as a toilet. She was let out during the day to do housework and yardwork for the defendants.

* Forcing D.P. to do that housework in a demeaning fashion, including forcing her to clean up a spill on the kitchen floor using her tongue.

* Forcing D.P. to clean the mobile home with a toothbrush and cut the grass outside with a pair of scissors.

* Forcing the victim to clean the home’s septic system without gloves, tools or protective clothing.

* Denying D.P. food if her work was not up to rectal aperture’s standards. When she was fed, the food was of lesser quality than the food the defendants ate.

* Physically assaulting D.P. on multiple occasions, including one incident in which King cuck muffin smashed her hand with a hammer, breaking bones. King cuck muffin also shot D.P. with a BB gun at close range. BBs were later found lodged under D.P.’s skin.

* Burning D.P. with a lighter while someone held her down.

* Subjecting the victim to other physical abuse, including beatings with their fists, a wooden paddle, a metal padlock and a shower rod. Cuck muffin once held a gun to D.P.’s head and threatened to shoot her and douche nozzles one and two held her head underwater in the bathtub and a hot tub, despite D.P.’s known fear of water.

* Forcing D.P. to open the urn holding her mother’s ashes, pour the ashes into a cereal bowl and eat the ashes with a spoon. The king cuck muffin, king rectal aperture, the other cuck muffins and queen douche nozzle watched and laughed.

* Ordering D.P. to remove her clothes and make sexual advances to men who came to the mobile home, including a visitor who came to cut the grass, a cable repairman and a family friend who attended a barbecue at the home.

* Forcing D.P. to use methamphetamine and prescription painkillers, then threatening to turn her over to the police for drug use if she did not do what they said.

* Keeping D.P.’s Social Security benefits for themselves so she could not leave and taking her identification, cellphone and laptop so she could not escape or call police.

D.P.’s living conditions and abuse were uncovered June 30, 2016, after the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office received calls about a woman being kept in a cage. The defendants were arrested that day, NOLA.com reported. Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards struggled to contain his emotions during a news conference a few weeks later.

“The lesson here is there are some sick individuals in this world, and there are some sick individuals in Tangipahoa Parish,” Edwards said. “This is not a good day for Tangipahoa Parish.”

The victim was placed in the care of the Louisiana Health Department, NOLA.com reported at the time. Four children under the age of 7 were also removed from the home and put in the state’s care. The  forced labor conspiracy and Fair Housing Act charges against cuck muffin family carrying sentences of life in prison, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office. King rectal faces another 10 years on the hate crime charge and the theft of government funds charge. Female cuck muffin faces five years in prison.


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