MS-13, Omarosa’s tapes, Mark Warner’s Battle v Free Speech and More!

This is the transcript for The Morning Brew episode, which aired on August 20, 2018.
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Mark Warner Behind Fight Against Free Speech

mark warner pic

Credit goes to Mitch The Ripper for this story

The attack on free speech carries on as last week Twitter suspended Alex Jones for umm…reasons you know? This is not to mention the attack on smaller content creators and accounts on these platforms who dare to fight for the Truth. One of these truths that is coming out is who is behind this unmitigated attacks on free speech. A week before Alex Jones “unpersoning” as everyone calls it, Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) of the party of slavery who is “the vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, led a charge threatening new regulation of social media companies who cannot stop bad actors from using their platforms”(Breitbart).

“Two weeks ago, on July 30, a white paper authored by Warner’s staff was leaked to Axios, which blamed major social media firms for allowing Russians to interfere with the 2016 elections  and outlined 20 proposals for regulating social media firms(Breitbart). Non-partisan tech experts called his proposals impractical(Breitbart). ‘The proposals in the paper are wide ranging and in some cases even politically impossible, and raise almost as many questions as they try to answer,’ wrote Mathew Ingram, Columbia Journalism Review’s chief digital writer.”(Breitbart)

“Others noted the proposal’s partisan bent: ‘Warner’s proposals skew toward Democratic concerns,’ The Verge wrote. ‘With this document, Warner tries to suss out what the Democratic Party’s vision for the internet could be,’ The Daily Dot said.”(Breitbart)

“The next day, on July 31, Facebook announced it had removed 32 pages and accounts from Facebook and Instagram that allegedly showed connections to and activity consistent with Russian disinformation efforts.” (Breitbart)

Of course Mark Warner of the party of slavery applauded Facebook but warned, “We need more censorship!” “The next day, on August 1, Warner authored an op-ed in USA Today. He touted his role leading the bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russian meddling in the election and criticized social media companies for being ‘unable or unwilling to predict, detect or stop the abuse of their platforms.’”  Five days later, on August 6, Facebook, YouTube, Apple, and Spotify banned Jones from their platforms, prompting some to wonder if they had cowed under pressure from Warner. (Breitbart)

“We The People” need to be serious in stopping this insanity. One of the reasons why is that this twat waffle of the party of slavery may be a potential 2020 candidate for President. In fact, there are several Party of slavery members who are using “Russiangate” as a jumping off platform for their campaigns. Stay tuned, there will be a Coffee Talk this Thursday discussing these white papers and what it means for us. Stay tuned for more information.


MS-13 Getting Organized? Caught on Tape!

ms 13

“There was a meeting in Richmond, Va., that quickly dispensed with routine matters, including introductions, before the senior leadership got down to business. ‘Teamwork and recruitment’ said one top official,’Needed improvement. Also, anyone wanting to kill a rival must secure prior approval.’” (

Mara Salvatrucha, the violent international street gang known as MS-13, had its share of headaches by the time of its fall 2015 meeting, which was surreptitiously recorded by U.S. authorities. One proposed solution was to better manage its estimated 10,000 U.S. members along the lines of other corporate-style criminal gangs, such as the Mafia or drug cartels. (

“MS-13 leaders created a catchphrase, ‘The Program,’ for widening its influence and improving cash flow. ‘What we are asking is total cooperation,’ a top leader told the group by speaker phone from El Salvador. ‘Let’s all work together, united, you know.’” (

Then, federal officials tracked an alarming development. As MS-13’s influence grew, so did its ambition to leverage its network of local franchises into a cohesive, national brand. That would vault MS-13 into territory once occupied by the Mafia, and now held by Mexican drug cartels. A series of trials that wrapped up this summer in Boston shows how MS-13 is pushing to make that leap by streamlining its management structure and creating uniform standards, much like a multinational company. Federal and state law-enforcement officials say MS-13 gang membership has grown by several thousand members over the past decade or so. It stretches to at least 40 states and the District of Columbia, according to the Justice Department. MS-13 has drawn recruits by branding itself as an ultraviolent enterprise, according to federal officials, a gang image of protection and status. Yet while it dabbles in drugs, street robberies and petty extortion, its profits are minuscule. Federal raids of MS-13 residences typically net little more than a handful of knives, loose cash and occasionally a gun. Dues range from $15 to $30 a month, largely paid by MS-13 members who work as laborers, construction workers or dishwashers. Most of the money is wired to gang leaders in El Salvador, to pay for phones and weapons. What’s left is pooled locally for knives, guns and recreational drugs. MS-13 was founded in the 1980s in and around Los Angeles by immigrants from El Salvador, who had fled their country’s civil war. In their new neighborhoods, they found themselves surrounded by hostile gangs. For protection, they formed their own group, which they called Mara Salvatrucha. After an alliance with the Mexican Mafia for protection inside California prisons, Mara Salvatrucha became MS-13—M is the 13th letter of the alphabet, a sign of respect for their new partners.

Omarosa’s Breach of Protocol Could Lead to Complications.

omarosa picEven if you strongly oppose President Trump and want to see him defeated in 2020 or impeached before then, you should hope his presidential campaign succeeds with its legal action against Omarosa Manigault Newman alleging she violated a nondisclosure agreement. And if she broke any laws you should want her prosecuted. She is a fired presidential aide and earlier a member of the Trump campaign staff has set a dangerous precedent. She has secret recordings of conversations with President Trump while in the White House. She also recorded White House and campaign aides, The New York Times wrote that Omarosa “is believed to have as many as 200” recordings of such conversations. If She suffers no penalty for making her secret recordings and instead uses the recordings to boost sales of her virulently anti-Trump book “Unhinged,” as she is clearly doing now for maximum media exposure future White House employees will be tempted to follow in her footsteps. All the leftist main stream media has been courting this woman for Trump bashing. While it is common for White House staffers to write books about the president they served after he has left office, it is far less common to see books coming out while a president is still serving. Whether the disclosures and allegations in “Unhinged” violate the nondisclosure agreement she signed while working on the Trump campaign is a matter still to be determined. Still to be determined? Like Clinton, she broke the LAW! How simple is that? You sign a contract + break the law = your in trouble! Period! The issue at stake here is good governance – not politics. If Hillary Clinton had been elected president in 2016 and her aide Huma Abedin secretly recorded conversations in the White House and released them, the action would be just as objectionable as what Manigault Newman did. However, you can bet that Democrats and the media would be far angrier at someone betraying a Democratic president. Cellphones and other recording devices are not allowed in the Situation Room – a prohibition Manigault Newman ignored, by her own admission. Even if a staff members does not knowingly use a cellphone as a recording device, hostile forces can hack into the phone and turn on its microphone to transmit conversations that spies can record. This can pose a grave national security risk.  Right Hillary?

Bodies found as floods recede in India’s Kerala

india pic

Receding flood waters left Indian troops and rescuers the grim task Monday of hunting for bodies left by the worst monsoon in a century in Kerala state as the death toll rose above 400. With nearly three quarters of a million people packed into relief camps in the southern state, known for its tourist beaches and hill resorts, authorities also fear outbreaks of disease. After a week of fierce downpours, rainfall eased Monday and flood levels have fallen in many districts. Army helicopters and boats kept up missions to find trapped survivors and drop food and water in isolated villages. Officials said 22,000 people were rescued on Sunday. At least 30 bodies were also found taking the death toll above 200 since the torrential rain started falling on August 8 and more than 400 since the monsoon started in June. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said the priority now was to provide clean drinking water and restore power supplies to the state of 33 million people. “The total number of people taking refuge at the 5,645 relief camps has risen to 724,649,” Vijayan told reporters Sunday. He said health officers would be deployed in each village to check the spread of communicable diseases. In worst hit areas such as Thrissur and Chengannur, rescuers are searching inundated houses where they have found the bodies of those trapped by the fast rising floodwaters. “They didn’t think that it would rise this high — 10 to 15 feet at some places — when the initial warnings were issued,” said Ashraf Ali K.M, who is leading the search in the small town of Mala in Thrissur.

Fishermen have sailed inland from Kerala’s coast to join the search, as volunteers set up soup kitchens and an international appeal was made for financial help. Vijayan praised the fishermen for joining the rescue mission. The state government said each boat would get 3,000 rupees ($43) for each day of their work and that authorities would pay for any damage to them. The floods have caused an estimated $3 billion in damage but the bill is likely to rise as the scale of devastation becomes clearer.


Officials ID Men Arrested in Connection to K2 Investigation

K2 pic

The synthetic drug K2 suspected to have caused more than 100 overdoses in the New Haven area between Tuesday night and Thursday was contaminated with another synthetic drug called fubinaca, police said Friday, and New Haven police have identified two people arrested in connection with the case. One form of fubinaca is an “ultrapotent” synthetic cannabinoid known to be 50 to 85 times more powerful than K2 and “poses a public health concern,” according to a 2017 article in the New England Journal of Medicine that found the drug was involved in a 2016 outbreak in Brooklyn, New York, that resulted in dozens of hospitalizations and left the area looking like a “zombieland.” Emergency responders in New Haven have been dealing with a massive number of overdoses since Tuesday night. Many of the people became ill while they were on the New Haven Green, which is located near Yale University, the home of Zombies, There have been no fatalities. Police have arrested 53-year-old John Parker and 37-year-old Felix Melendez in connection with the case. Campbell said that Parker had 32 bags of K2 on him at the time of his arrest and has been identified as one of the dealers who distributed the K2. He has been charged with possession with intent to sell and other related charges. Melendez was arrested on a violation of probation warrant and possession of a controlled substance. Police said Melendez had K2 on him at the time of his arrest, but at this time, he has not been connected to the distribution of the K2. Both men have been previously arrested for selling drugs on the Green, police said. A third suspect is in federal custody, but New Haven police would not comment on the status of the federal investigation. People who take the K2 have been having seizures, going into cardiac arrest, vomiting or passing out. Last year, the Drug Enforcement Administration temporarily classified fubinaca as a Schedule I drug, the same category as heroin, a move the federal agency said was “necessary to avoid an imminent hazard to the public safety.” Officials said fubinaca was found in nearly all the K2 samples New Haven police recovered this week. The DEA helped the city discover what was in the co-called bad batch. Police said it speaks tot he dangers of taking illegal street drugs that can be laced with anything. U.S. Sen. Richard Blumental met with New Haven officials Friday and said the new synthetic drugs are “killers” that are coming across borders from China and Mexico.

What will happen to DACA? Federal court cases could lead to an answer.

DACA pic

On Friday, A program that refuses to die, U.S. District Judge John D. Bates ruled that the Trump administration does not have to accept new applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program but must continue processing renewals while the future of the program is under appeal. Bates is one of the federal judges presiding over four lawsuits aimed at maintaining or eliminating DACA, which was created by executive order by President Barack Obama and then ended by President Trump. Judges in the District, California and New York (both are in the party of slavery districts) have kept DACA alive for months, issuing injunctions and ordering the government to keep processing renewal applications. But a competing lawsuit in Texas that questions DACA’s constitutionality now sits before U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen. He blocked a similar executive action by Obama that would have shielded the undocumented parents of U.S.-born children. If Hanen rules that DACA is unconstitutional in the next few weeks, the decision will probably fast-track the issue to the Supreme Court. “The fate of DACA is going to have enormous repercussions on our country, our economy and most importantly, these human beings who have benefited from its protections,” said Justin Cox, a staff attorney with the National Immigration Law Center. “It will say a lot about who we are as a country and what the rule of law means.” Several states, led by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, threatened legal action against the White House if it didn’t end DACA. On Sept. 5, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced DACA would be rescinded. A subsequent Department of Homeland Security memo attempted to explain the administration’s reasoning and outline plans for phasing out the program by March.

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