Mollie’s Killer Illegal, Russia Loses a Missile, Verizon Throttles Firefighters and More!!!

This is the transcript for The Morning Brew, which aired August 21, 2018. The edited portion of the news segment can be found below.
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Politicians target immigration law after arrest in Iowa case
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The disappearance of a well-liked college student from America’s heartland had touched many people since she vanished one month ago while out for a run. But the stunning news that a Mexican man living in the U.S. illegally has allegedly confessed to kidnapping and murdering her thrust the case into the middle of the contentious immigration debate and midterm elections. There is no debate, you have the party of slavery who wants more voters on their plantation no matter who it is. And the other side that believes that illegal aliens have no right to be here and all these people have to do is come in the right way. President Donald Trump seized on the man’s arrest in the death of Mollie Tibbetts on Tuesday to call the nation’s immigration laws “a disgrace” that will only be fixed by electing more Republicans. Iowa’s Republican governor, facing a tough re-election challenge in November, blasted an immigration system that “allowed a predator like this to live in our community.” And Iowa’s two GOP U.S. senators called the death a tragedy that “could have been prevented.”

Cristhian Bahena Rivera, 24, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in the death of the 20-year-old Tibbetts, whose July 18 disappearance set off a massive search involving state and federal authorities. Rivera led investigators early Tuesday to a body believed to be Tibbetts in a cornfield about 12 miles (19 kilometers) southeast of Brooklyn, Iowa, where Tibbetts was last seen going for a routine evening run. Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation special agent Rick Rahn said that “I can’t speak about the motive. I can just tell you that it seemed that he followed her, seemed to be drawn to her on that particular day, for whatever reason he chose to abduct her,” Rahn told reporters at a news conference outside the sheriff’s office in Montezuma, where Rivera was being jailed on $1 million cash-only bond. Trump has made further crackdown on illegal immigration a core policy of his administration. He often has claimed widespread crime by people living in the country illegally, citing among other things the indictments of 11 suspected MS-13 gang members (you know the ones that Nancy Pelosi has the hots for) from El Salvador charged in connection with the slayings of two Virginia teens. Trump also has held events at the White House with members of “angel families,” whose relatives were killed by immigrants. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said it lodged a federal immigration detainer for Rivera after he was arrested on the murder charge. That move means the agency has probable cause to believe he is subject to deportation. Investigators said they believed Rivera had lived in the area from four to seven years. Investigators said they zeroed in on Rivera after obtaining footage from surveillance cameras in Brooklyn. The footage showed a Chevy Malibu connected to Rivera that was driving back and forth as Tibbetts was running in the area. An affidavit attached to the criminal complaint against Rivera alleged that he admitted to investigators he got out of his car and started running alongside Tibbetts. She grabbed her phone and said she was going to call the police. The affidavit said Rivera panicked and then said he blacked out. At a convenient he blacks out, that should work as a defense I would think… Rivera next remembers seeing her earphones on his lap, and taking her bloody body out of the trunk of his car. The defendant further described during the interview that he dragged Tibbetts on foot from his vehicle to a secluded location in a cornfield. Investigators said they had earlier searched the area for Tibbetts but didn’t find her, noting the body was covered by corn stalks when recovered early Tuesday. Rahn said Rivera was cooperating with investigators and speaking with the help of a translator. He said an autopsy would be performed on the body Wednesday by the state medical examiner’s office, which would assist investigators in understanding whether Tibbetts had been assaulted or tried to fight him off. Rivera’s initial court appearance is scheduled for 1 p.m. Wednesday in Montezuma.

Verizon throttled California fire department during wildfire crisis
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In documents filed this week as part of a legal challenge to the FCC’s net neutrality repeal, Santa Clara County Fire Marshal Anthony Bowden explains how Verizon slowed device speeds during the crisis, hindering firefighters’ response. The fire department had purchased an unlimited data plan from Verizon for a support unit’s connection, but the company started throttling speeds “to 1/200, or less” after the unit hit 25GB of use. Bowden writes that the resulting throttling from Verizon “had a significant impact on our ability to provide emergency services,” as responders were unable to properly track and route firefighting resources. The company continued to slow data speeds even after being informed it was “actively impeding” responders’ ability to fight the blazes. Ultimately, the fire department had to sign up for a new, more expensive plan before speeds were restored. The throttling took place after the repeal of net neutrality rules went into effect, although Verizon, like other major carriers, throttled unlimited plans at certain use thresholds long before that. The 22 state attorneys general who filed the documents did not argue that the company’s actions would have violated the previous net neutrality rules. Verizon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Video Of Justin Trudeau Telling A Heckler “Racism Has No Place” In Canada

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Some world leaders are hesitant to unequivocally denounce racism. Others are more forthcoming in their fight against it and consistently so. During a rally in Sabrevois, Quebec, the prime minister of Canada was recorded responding to a heckler who kept interrupting his speech, according to The Hill. The video captured Justin Trudeau telling the heckler “racism has no place,” and his general message resonated with the audience, who cheered in response to the heckler’s questions about illegal immigration. The interaction was in French, and according to Vice News’ translation, the woman shouted, “I want to know when you are going to refund the $146 million we paid for your illegal immigrants.” Okay how is that racist? She asked a good question that I would think all Canadian citizens would be interested in. “Madame,” Trudeau answered in French. “This intolerance towards immigrants has no room in Canada.” Especially since they are destroying your way of life, screw the Canadians! bring more Cubans! Amid the heckler’s efforts to interrupt, Trudeau went on with his speech about the strength of Canada and how immigrants helped to build its foundation as the majority of the crowd clapped in support. Legal immigrants yes, they enhance any country they are in but illegals no, they sponge of the hard working citizens. I know that is a very hard concept for the left to understand, especially the work part. After Trudeau finished his speech, the woman from the crowd approached him, with many in the crowd telling her to “shut up,” and she repeatedly asked, “Mr. Trudeau, are you tolerant towards Quebecois?” Trudeau responded that her “racism has no place here” and that he’s a “proud Quebecois,” according to Vice News.

The video also captured an interaction between the heckler and an official in plain clothing, who tried to question the woman. He holds her by the arm, and the woman pushes back, accusing him of bruising her arm and breaking her bones. “I have the right to say my opinion to Mr. Trudeau,” the woman told the officer, before yelling that she was not threatening anyone and demanding that he let her go. This is the future if we are not careful. Canada has been a leader in destroying free speech and trying to curb certain freedoms and electing cucks like Trudeau is signing their own death warrant. The woman by the way was not arrested as a group of people circled around her to protect her from arrest. 

Russia is preparing to search for a nuclear-powered missile that was lost at sea months ago
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A nuclear-powered Russian missile remains lost at sea after a failed test late last year and landed in the Barents Sea (located north of Norway and Russia). Moscow is now preparing to try to recover it, according to people with direct knowledge of a U.S. intelligence report. The operation will include three vessels, one of which is equipped to handle radioactive material from the weapon’s nuclear core. There is no timeline for the mission, according to the people with knowledge of the report. It did not mention however any potential health or environmental risks posed by possible damage to the missile’s nuclear reactor. Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled the new nuclear-powered missile in March, boasting that it had unlimited range. Yet, the weapon has yet to be successfully tested over multiple attempts. Russia tested four of the missiles between November and February, each resulting in a crash. The U.S. assessed that the longest test flight lasted just more than two minutes, with the missile flying 22 miles before losing control and crashing. The shortest test lasted four seconds and flew for five miles. If the Russians are able to regain possession of the missile, U.S. intelligence analysts expect Moscow will use the procedure as a blueprint for future recovery operations. It is unclear whether the other missiles are missing at sea, too. Captain Obvious states that there are major concerns that radioactive material could leak. The weapon, which has been in development since the early 2000s, is believed to use a gasoline-powered engine for takeoff before switching to a nuclear-powered one for flight, sources have said. The tests apparently showed that the nuclear-powered heart of the cruise missile failed to initiate and, therefore, the weapon didn’t achieve the indefinite flight Putin had boasted about. The tests were ordered by senior Kremlin officials despite objections from the program’s engineers, who voiced concerns that the system was still in its infancy, sources have said. 

Saudi Arabia seeks death penalty for woman activist: rights groups 
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You know that tolerant place of freedom in the Middle   East? Well Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor is seeking the death penalty against five human rights activists from the kingdom’s Eastern Province currently on trial in a secretive terrorism court, groups including Human Rights Watch (HRW) said. Wait that can’t be right, I thought Canada was the uptight, sand in the crack wearing, camel jockeys. Among the detainees is Israa al-Ghomgham, whom Saudi activists said was the first woman to possibly face the death penalty for rights-related work. Charges against her include incitement to protest and providing moral support to rioters. And remember boys and girls the United States are close allies to this country…you know…oil and stuff. 

“Any execution is appalling, but seeking the death penalty for activists like Israa al-Ghomgham, who are not even accused of violent behavior, is monstrous,” Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at HRW, said in a statement on Wednesday. Activists said the trial was ongoing, and denied social media reports that the detainees had already been executed. Saudi Arabia, an absolute monarchy where public protests and political parties are banned, has enacted some high-profile social and economic reforms in recent years under powerful young Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. They have, however, been accompanied by a crackdown on dissent, with dozens of clerics, intellectuals and activists arrested in the past year, including women who had campaigned for the right to drive in the deeply conservative Muslim country. Ghomgham is a prominent Shi’ite Muslim activist who documented mass demonstrations in the Eastern Province starting in 2011. She was arrested from her home in December 2015 along with her husband. 

Facebook is rating the trustworthiness of its users on a scale from zero to 1

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Facebook has begun to assign its users a reputation score, predicting their trustworthiness on a scale from zero to 1. The previously unreported ratings system, which Facebook has developed over the past year, shows that the fight against the gaming of tech systems has evolved to include measuring the credibility of users to help identify malicious actors. Facebook developed its reputation assessments as part of its effort against fake news, Tessa Lyons, the product manager who is in charge of fighting misinformation, said in an interview. The company, like others in tech, has long relied on its users to report problematic content — but as Facebook has given people more options, some users began falsely reporting items as untrue, a new twist on information warfare for which it had to account. It’s “not uncommon for people to tell us something is false simply because they disagree with the premise of a story or they’re intentionally trying to target a particular publisher,” Lyons said, “A user’s trustworthiness score isn’t meant to be an absolute indicator of a person’s credibility.” Wow you don’t say? She must be a Zero. The score is one measurement among thousands of new behavioral clues that Facebook now takes into account as it seeks to understand risk. Are we really going to trust Facebook to determine this? This has to be a satire piece right? For some reason the companies are wary of discussing measures like this, in part because doing so might invite further gaming — a predicament that the firms increasingly find themselves in as they weigh calls for more transparency around their decision-making.

“Not knowing how [Facebook is] judging us is what makes us uncomfortable,” said Claire Wardle (she is most definitely a One), director of First Draft, a research lab within the Harvard Kennedy School that focuses on the impact of misinformation and that is a fact-checking partner of Facebook. “But the irony is that they can’t tell us how they are judging us — because if they do, the algorithms that they built will be gamed.” Does it matter, we seen what happened to Alex Jones, so now they have a reason to peg others who disagree with them with a Zero (like a target on their back) and pull the plug on them at their leisure. (coughs) Internet constitution (coughs).

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