A Loved One Lost…


This week brought to us a tragedy that still has us reeling. August 24, 2018 Zeus, The News Hound and lovable rescue of Ronin and myself died due to head trauma brought on by being hit by a vehicle. I was witness to what happened, and like in movies where the end is played in slow motion, it felt like time slowed to a crawl as I watched from the other side of the street. He passed two hours after he was struck, and all I could do was sit by him, give him water, pet him, and let him know how much I adored him.
He came to us two years ago by wandering up the cracked driveway of the house we stay in presently. We didn’t know his history, who his previous owners were, if any. He stayed in our yard but was afraid of the hose and would wait until we filled his water bowl. He would growl when we got close to his food bowl as he ate. Within weeks, he would lap up water out of the hose as I filled his bowl and let me pet him as he ate. We bonded over leash lessons and playing fetch.
We brought him inside, and he immediately hogged the bed and became a cuddle-bug. He would make people smile on streams when he would bark, nudge me from behind, and ask for pets as I delivered the news. There were even times on streams where I would have to stop what I was doing and play fetch with him. He would hop into the bed with us to cuddle and sleep when Ronin and I got comfortable.
WIN_20180713_13_51_47_ProMost people would say Pit Bull/Boxer mixes loathe cats, but Zeus was all about protecting the kittens that were born from the two mama cats here, often making us nervous as he sniffed them. We would breathe a sigh of relief when he would cuddle on the bed with the kittens. We knew there was nothing to fear. He was “Big Brother” and fit in that role well.
I never imagined I would be contacting Nephew so he could bury him near the creek he loved to play in. We always planned on taking him with us and renting a place with a large, fenced-in yard. We were talking about having cameras outside so we could record him playing fetch and running around, but that will not happen now.
The house is too quiet now, no patter of Zeus feet, no barking outside when he got out, and no sitting next to me wondering if I was going to eat all the food on my plate, no more cuddles from Zeus at bedtime.
The outpouring of condolences, virtual hugs, and people reaching out has been wonderful. We can’t thank you enough. We really can’t.
MWM Media, Ronin, and I, as well as all of you who watched his antics on Twitter, YouTube and on streams have truly lost one of man’s best friends. No, what we lost was family, and there will always be a hole in our hearts.

RIP Zeus
April 2016-AUG 24, 2018
The best dog anyone could ever have.

Love to you all,
Anissa “Maddy”

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