Gaming Community Comes Together After Shooting in Jacksonville FL


Authorities identified 24 year old David Katz of Baltimore, Maryland, as the shooter. As for the latest 2 are dead, 11 wounded, 9 of them sustained gunshot wounds and the other 2 sustained injuries fleeing from the scene. A spokesperson with UF Health in Jacksonville said six patients were treated. One is in serious condition, and the other five are in good condition. Katz killed himself during the tournament, where competitors from around the country were playing “Madden.” This took place in Jacksonville FL at the Jacksonville Landing, which is an open-air mall on the St. Johns River on Sunday. He came down for the video game tournament and was known by the tag name “Bread.” Katz was also a former “Madden” Champion from Baltimore. The Sheriff’s Office is still looking to see where he stayed Saturday night. Also we learned that at least one handgun was used during the shooting.
The gaming community has come together to mourn the loss of two of their own. Eric “Problem” Wright wrote on twitter, “Crying and in so much pain. Prayers to the families of Trueboy and Spotme. All over a videogame. Two of our brothers are gone man and its so disturbing. One of the most tragic days ive experienced. This community is like family. Broken.” Twitter, EA Sports among many others took to Twitter yesterday to show their support as they expressed grief and sorrow over the tragic loss. Bungie, makers of the popular “Destiny” and “Halo” video game franchises, announced Sunday night that its social media accounts will be silent Monday out of respect for the victims. There were also Gamers who came together to help the families affected by the shooting as they started a GoFundMe campaign that has raised over $2,000 in roughly four hours, hoping to reach $100,000. Others commented how videos games should not be the “scapegoat” here, as some already started to point their fingers in that direction. “Gamers come to these events to celebrate their hobby. We come to celebrate each other,” wrote popular gamer and streamer Steven Williams, also known online as Boogie2988. “End. Of. Story.”
Of course this tragic story would not be complete without the politics and the same ole rhetoric. This shooting happens to come 54 hours before the polls are closed for the Democratic Gubernatorial primary race. Of course, the Democrats are calling for more gun control and the Republicans for protecting our 2A rights. The Democrats running for governor quickly pointed out that Sunday’s shooting followed the Parkland massacre in February, the Fort Lauderdale airport killings in 2017 and the Pulse Nightclub shooting of 2016. The three who died Sunday increased the body count to 74 Floridians killed in mass shootings in 26 months. Meanwhile on the Right, the candidates were a little more subdued about their message of protecting gun rights.
We don’t know the motive of this shooter, just wild speculations that he lost and then flipped out. I will however make two points here. The First, we are all tired of our youth and young adults that keep dying because we as a nation refuse to discuss the issues. I mean the real issues are not the same old crap we keep hearing. To be frank I am tired of both sides because of muh politics. so the first thing is we need to discuss the mental health issue. The second is this “Snowflake Philosophy” that everyone is special and there are no losers. Parkland shooting happened because the kid needed help because he couldn’t handle being with the normal school population. Then the latest shooting in Texas, we find out the reason that this person shot up the school was because of rejection. You see a little pattern here. So stop with these socialist band-aid fixes and discuss the true issues at hand that may actually help people who need it. Otherwise this will keep happening over and over and over.

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