Jacksonville Shooter Was Dealing With Mental Issues


Just let me start off and say I hate being right sometimes. Those with a rational mind knew that this would be yet another breakdown in the system. The rhetoric about guns needs to stop because it was not the guns that caused this. This 24 year old (I will not mention his name in this article), had mental issues, and let me put on my surprise face. In other words I don’t have one for this situation. 
Anyway let me get down to the facts here. Police as of Monday afternoon still doesn’t have an official motive to why he did this. So far the speculation is that he lost a game, went outside, came back in and started shooting. The two victims he shot were Elijah Clayton, a 22-year-old football star from California, and Taylor Robertson, a 28-year-old from West Virginia. We learned from the Monday Afternoon’s press conference that he bought himself 2 handguns legally through a licensed gun dealer in Baltimore. 
The 24 year old had a hard time adjusting after his parents filed for divorce in 2005. The shooter had emotional issues that caused him to struggle in school and in life in general. Documentation finds that he was hospitalized at the Sheppard Pratt Health System for Psychiatric treatment.
He eventually graduated in 2011 and went to college. Reports from one of his teachers said that he never smiled and was a private person. he continued to struggle in college which makes sense if he was suffering from Depression or dealing with something else. Apparently he was on psych meds and anti-depressants. This just leads to even more questions. Too many to post here. 
Mental Health is not a political issue, it is “We The People’s” issue we know what needs to be fixed but instead we play politics as usual. Sorry if I rant here and there, I am trying to stick to the facts. However I just don’t understand anymore. With each incident we go through the same song and dance routine that gets us no where. In the mean time, those people who needs help is not getting it. It is as if the Politicians and the Mainstream media care more about the Narrative and making political points than trying to stop the blood shed that can be prevented. 
If you want to read more about this, here is an article from the Baltimore Sun that goes more into the shooter’s life and mindset. Flags everywhere and we just close our eyes. 

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